ndustry portal how to do blog cake

  industry portal is now gradually form a refinement of the development trend of the portal, she is slowly stripped from the integrated portal. So, if you want to do industry portal blog cake, you can not follow the traditional integrated portal launched blog management model. Comprehensive portal should be a hybrid, a bit like a big miscellaneous Plaza, where the content must be included. Moreover, most of the time the blind pursuit of love hits or views, some play edge ball. C2cc is a latecomer, but overall, some industries have not been able to pay attention to the blog portal resources potential, or some industry portal and not the blog as a new product to run, so the effect is little. So, if you can find c2cc blog cake seasoning, will be assigned more people to share the cake. First of all, the industry portal to have the idea of eating blog cake, and then have to do blog cake action. In order to drive the action of thinking, in order to truly blog as a new product launch of the network media. Now the industry will be the overall positioning of the blog, the use of groups, business management three aspects to analyze how to do c2cc blog cake.

first, the overall positioning of c2cc blog. C2cc why do industry blog? What kind of group does our blog face? What is the difference between our blog and other blogs? Our blog how to attract users to settle down? This requires a relatively clear overall positioning of the blog. Although c2cc is a beauty cosmetics industry portal, but there is no real blog industry distinction. Around a main theme, beauty cosmetics industry direction on the line, we formed the most distinctive industry portal managers, dealers, beauty salons three strong channel, suitable development could add a plastic chamber, thereby increasing the sources of information.

plastic surgery is now a hot topic of concern, so there will be room for plastic surgery room for great development potential. So in addition to these hot channel, other blog users can also have formed common interests with the circle, add some comments, emotion, life, work, learning circle. Our industry blog, enterprise blog and personal blog to the practice of combining, so that we can attract people to do blog, also welcome enterprises to do blog, it can construct communication platform for enterprises and individuals. You can try to let the enterprise employees to participate in the blog group, the formation of corporate culture, which is the best corporate culture image publicity. But this propaganda is not only in the form, but to achieve content.

The general orientation of

induction: a personal and business blog to blog service object, in the cosmetics industry for fixed blog theme, with dealers, managers, beauty salons, cosmetic room for the blog: channel, life, emotion, work, study, review blog circle subtitle.

second, c2cc blog use groups. Of course, the need for users to use the blog. Industry blog and other integrated portal blog, can be designed and refined, will not be like the integrated portal clutter >

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