3S lady economic startups Perdate earn millions of years of secret



startups avoid copycat burn


startups how to avoid competitive positioning?

How can

startups grow fast and make money?

startups to make money quickly after the scale bigger

Perdate is the king of Qin will be a very creative project Cheng members do, APP+ work together, a year on the line, did not take a penny of venture capital, did not spend a penny promotion, in the Central Plains area, facing the global users, the first year revenue easily tens of millions, operation of the project, can definitely give your inspiration.

what does Perdate do,


Perdate from the beginning of this project is to do with the Internet and mobile Internet PC, there are websites, mobile phones, APP, support for 12 languages. The services provided are particularly interesting, so that everyone understands

will take the initiative to help them do word of mouth spread.

Perdate what is it?

3S lady, now more and more domestic 3S lady, underachievement, you can see the man already has the main, no main or smaller than their own, or not. So many dating sites caused by flooding, and even dating sites receive 3S lady, fee from 30 thousand to 300 thousand, the 3S lady paid the money may not be able to find a husband.

where there is pain, where there is a market!

Perdate how to solve it?

Perdate looking at the world, looking for help 3S lady Yang husband


web:http://s.www.perdate.com Android and IOS related application store search perdate, foreign husband, etc. can be directly downloaded


so to play, they immediately get rid of the fierce competition of domestic dating sites, opened up a blue ocean market, it can be said that all the way dust, no opponent.

two, perdate is how to promote the


Perdate is the founder of history when the University started to play, is a grassroots webmaster who, after graduating from university has been an English teacher, by amateur station group earned the first pot of gold.

do stand group, play is the skills and execution!

This strategy is the first

I give it a SEO strategy for the traditional enterprise, then one of my clients rely on SEO station group made 3000 foreign trade website, sales quickly from 20 million to ten. I wrote an article published in 2006, this strategy, and soon the number of strong execution by relying on the station mass.

English is very good, the technology is also good

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