Stationmaster net broadcast P2P net loan will really make you bankrupt tourists by U S pit miserabl

1 CCTV exposure P2P net loan temptation trap: will really make you bankrupt

looks up to 20-30% of the return on investment Mr. Zeng fell into P2P net loan scam

The 72 year old Mr.

is a retired cadres in Guangdong city of Guangzhou Province, 2000, retired he began to keen on all kinds of investment, but after several practice, Mr Tsang feel no matter what kind of investment projects are not ideal returns. An accidental opportunity, Mr. Zeng learned that a new investment projects – P2P net loan platform.

investor Zeng: profits are known to be more than 20%, some of which is about 30%, and that any time withdrawals.

2 bean fruit food: community has a user of 100 million, how to achieve closed loop  

made four years of bean food, this year Wang Yuxiang feel particularly true: Gourmet O2O really come to the


capital strength is always all-powerful, carrying everything quickly on the outlet. Evolution of the position of delicacy beans fruit following the "typical path tool – Community – supplier, when the accumulation of high-quality reservoir community users enough, from the process of the transformation of community to the electricity supplier is smooth. So far, the beans fruit food electricity supplier excellent food exchange line on the first half of the year, half the amount of ingredients on the more than the original life network, the monthly purchase rate as high as 40%-50%.

3 beauty net "Shanghai day" into a 2 yuan luxury cruise ferry  

meituan subcontract suffered Li Gui Consumer Protection Committee requested 8 units within 10 days of


by the U.S. group net to participate in the "Shanghai panoramic tour itinerary, clearly written on the" take a luxury cruise ship tour the Huangpu River, the Lujiazui financial and Trade Zone, far view the 88 storey Jinmao Building (about 30 minutes), group purchase package also marked the global financial center + Expo cruise fee is 190 yuan, the boat tourists are being pulled directly to the Dongchang Road terminal, take a luxury cruise ship into "ferry". Part of the Shanghai day tour has become a day pit".

4 brush like opium, both to the platform to create a dream and can lead to capital into  

brush this opium, you can give the platform a short-term illusion of perfection. While the Internet industry as a whole in this false sense of expansion, and to attract more capital for catalysis. This strange phenomenon, can be called the industry characteristics, can also be called a bubble.

recently, an article on the Uber brush brush news circle of friends, said a lot of drivers using Uber rules loopholes grab high subsidies, even more than the amount of millions of dollars out of the brush. There are several ways to brush, the simplest is to use relatives and friends to order their own; complex point to buy a lot of SI>

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