ndependent domain enabled Sina officially determined why micro blog independent army

April 9th – Sina micro-blog recently announced the official opening of the independent domain name weibo.com, synchronization to replace the new logo. It is noteworthy that, sina will soon usher in the 11 anniversary of the listing, in this iconic point on the launch of micro-blog’s independent domain name, hidden behind the implied meaning and strategic vision, causing widespread concern in the industry.

Sina said, Sina 7 from the start of the independent domain name weibo.com is very convenient memory, more in line with the user’s habits, but also easy to spread. For users, the new on-line domain to further reduce the threshold for the use of micro-blog services, micro-blog will make life and achieve a comprehensive docking, strengthen the relationship between friends helps users in sharing information, whenever and wherever possible to obtain information in.

it is reported that, in order to ensure the normal use of existing users, sina is currently entering the domain of the coexistence of dual domain name of the. In the meantime, the user can use the new domain name weibo.com or the old domain name t.sina.com.cn can log on Sina micro-blog, two domain names will coexist for some time, eventually unified into weibo.com. In the mobile Internet level, the existing WAP domain name t.sina.cn will automatically jump to weibo.cn. At the client level, users can still use the existing client products Sina micro-blog services, the use of the process does not change.

Sina official said, before the new domain name online, Sina micro-blog has existing user information for the seamless transfer, including micro-blog content, friend relationship, personalized domain names have been retained.

Sina micro-blog to start the thrust of the independent domain name, apparently from micro-blog has shown tremendous energy development, impact and business prospects. Since the August 2009 launch of the service, at the end of February this year, Sina micro-blog registered users has exceeded 100 million. Micro-blog has changed the habit of a lot of users, to become a new Internet portal, while the user needs are becoming more diverse, the need for an independent platform to carry." Sina CEO Cao Guowei explains why micro-blog launched independent domain name, "micro-blog is driving the growth of sina’s strategic level products, in the long run, micro-blog will no longer be a channel of sina, but a more independent market prospects for a broader platform."

in fact, including Sohu, Tencent and other portals are almost all optimistic about the social impact of micro-blog and business prospects, have layout. These actions further promote the innovation and development of more micro-blog, attracting more micro-blog users, and promote the further development of the domestic micro-blog market. The latest data show that sina micro-blog currently has more than 6 sites to establish a cooperative, open platform based on Sina micro-blog, third party developers to apply for a total of 36 thousand applications, of which more than 1 thousand and 600 application has been approved and recommended in micro-blog plaza. It is reported that the second quarter of this year, sina will open more API interface for developers to use, which will undoubtedly attract more developers to join micro-blog open platform >

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