Civilink response Huang Ling site will shut down illegal sweep

In July 10th, according to the network official said, the company will be combined with the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of information industry and other 10 ministries to carry out "joint fight against pornography special action", from now on, all illegal forum and website will be closed in accordance with law.

said the nets from now on with all the BBS directory website launched a series of internal verification work, if the site itself is illegal or involved in illegal behavior due to lax supervision led to the users speak found that the company will assist the public security departments to investigate, and close the corresponding website or forum.

Remind the webmaster nets

aspects of self-examination, if found illegal content and links to pornography, gambling, illegal products appear in the site, should immediately delete; not filing filing website ICP and BBS special approval of the site, should take the initiative to the relevant departments for the record, otherwise the site will face the risk of being shut down.

it is reported that in May this year, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of information industry, the national anti pornography " " working group office and other ten ministries to carry out "joint fight against pornography special action", the nationwide organization launched a special action to combat Internet pornography, in accordance with the law, thoroughly clean in Internet pornography, gambling, contraband goods and other illegal and criminal acts on the internet.

of network announcement:

network issued a message with all of the members:


has been the state authorities against Internet pornography and politically sensitive information (such as the Liuhe lottery, gambling and soccer gambling etc.), PW, plug, contraband products (firearms and ammunition, eavesdropping, do false documents, drugs and three midazolam) and illegal Internet publishing activities and other harmful information unremitting struggle. For the purification of domestic network environment, the majority of Internet users to create a green network in the world and continuous efforts, this will be China civilink full support and cooperation, which is always the position and views of my company.

but we still found that there are still some websites are intentionally or unintentionally added some illegal information mentioned above, especially the opening of the forum or chat room website, we sincerely hope that your self correction on your website, if there is illegal information please as soon as possible, while strengthening the daily supervision and management of your site. A good network environment is every user expectations, at the same time, we also need to work together to maintain this, for you to give us the network understanding and support to express my heartfelt thanks.

at the same time in order to cope with the recent "ten ministries jointly combating pornography special action", civilink began a new round of site inspection work, because is in the "sensitive period", and in the recent inspection, such as containing the illegal information in your web site, we will immediately on the site.

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