Shopping carnival Ali electricity supplier empire in addition to cheering what

is a double eleven, is also a shopper’s Carnival, 35 billion and around him hundreds of real examples are displayed in a business enterprise led by consumer culture to us, although Ma bias on the decisions made us confused, but the ordinary day will become the only festival. A performance, not every business people have, in this still have to admire under Ma and ali.

has actually been in their own business operation ideas, learning Ali rainy day, seize the development trend of the market potential and resources to assist, perhaps their own dynamic observation of Ali too much, so that for every step of the strategic Ali all wanted to know, for the double eleven, even if the transaction volume exceeded last year, but I still feel that there are still many Ali did not solve the problem. So what is it?

The division of the

market and the maturity of the competitors can not be completely ignored. Even before the Jingdong to do the scale of tens of billions of dollars, Suning out of the concept of cloud providers, fast and easy to tinker with immediate delivery, Ali’s advantage is still completely above the opponent, coupled with a high moral map and Sina micro-blog layout and help out, Ali’s business sector has been deep into every export user flow not only that, the implementation of living strategy also makes the advantage of the store to get a greater degree of weakening. But when the double eleven Shopping Festival was evolved rather than Taobao Shopping Festival, Ali to a certain extent contributed to the growth of competitors, Suning 30 billion Jingdong, 3 million 500 thousand single and easy fast growth 6 times the amount of everyone in the collective growth, full of himself but also fattened the enemy. In the past year, Suning advantage for self operation is a step closer, more rational, the Jingdong began to optimize the channel structure after obtaining the ideal market share, we are trying to consolidate themselves, although the short-term advantage Ali can not shake, but who can guarantee that the mobile Internet tide, Ali you can continue to enjoy the advantage? The growth has been fully reflected in the rival business transactions, if there is no new fast and easy, so Tmall appliances growth is going to be a big bright spot, of course, if not already, Ali’s dominance is still, just need time to consider more development problems and complex.

in fact, for each other’s focus on sales analysis, we can easily find that everyone has its own core business, and the market share is precisely the bottleneck in the development of the transfer of the core business. There seems to be a lot of content behind the eleven seemingly magnificent data need to be analyzed, the first is the weak home appliance market. In addition to the addition of Haier and millet to allow a wide range of business eleven double a little, but careful observation you will find more than double the shoes sold more than eleven, clothing and consumer goods. For this part of the profits high visibility and potential weak areas, risks development is bound to double long indulged in late eleven. A double eleven household appliance market subsidies is not enough, in addition to other home appliance market campaigns, more is at the time of consumption is more, the value of culture. Tmall department store, Dangdang books,

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