The current situation and analysis of CN domain name and domain name

      read a report yesterday, "CN domain registration volume exceeded 5 million 300 thousand ccTLD world". Another related report is: China’s.CN domain name exceeds the first.COM average of 25 people each one. I want to add something to the status quo, and I think we all know what I want to say!

      CN domain name and domain name on the status quo:

      1, CN does not allow personal domain name registered in the name of a registered person verified immediately delete the domain name. This provision is to "protect the enterprise trademark was registered".

      2, the domain name industry in a large number of domain name speculation, there are members of the inside of the registered company from individual to special.

      3, Cn domain name is currently priced at $1 / year.

      4, the majority of domain name service providers to hide personal users, and support individual users to register CN domain name. And a large number of personal domain name registration, such as blog domain name, baby domain name, e-mail domain name and other promotional activities. The main users of the blog is an individual, of course, the baby can only be an individual, these activities clearly contrary to the provisions of CNNIC.

      5 domestic enterprises, CN domain name protection consciousness is weak, many CN domain name has been registered.

      6, domain name of at least 30% of the domain name of the page is the domain name parking page or domain name page, rather than the normal use of the state of the page, 5 million 300 thousand! These domain names only need to log in,,, and other well-known domestic domain name.

      7, 5 million 300 thousand numbers, cybersquatters have at least half of the digital domain, professional registered companies or individuals per person is 5000, the average person registered amateur can have more than 100 hands, I have more than and 130, I have more than and 200 classmates. And we’re just amateurs.

      with these things above, I boldly to analyze:

      first, CN domain name do not allow individuals registered in the name of the original intention is very good, but it seems that there will be less consideration of cybersquatting specialized institutions such as Beijing’s network, a rich network, these enterprises can lead to a large number of registered CN domain name >

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