Volume leather mesh grass root Festival opened the 918 large electricity providers to promote the pr

2014 is over half, in contrast to the traditional retail line in a recession, but electronic commerce has be in full swing, big or small electricity supplier price war almost every month. Why business is keen on price war, see the money in this even ordinary consumers can earn behind, exactly what kind of hidden secrets of


, an industry source said: "behind the price war, the power of capital is in trouble!" in the rapid development of the electricity supplier of the Chinese, many electricity supplier bigwigs have held the banner of the price war, there are hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital support, its purpose is very clear, is that as soon as possible to outlast competitors seize the commanding heights of the market more and more, to lay the foundation for future development.

crazy price war is indeed received very good results in the first, the 2013 Taobao double eleven is a record 35 billion blockbuster records, but with the price war continues, consumers began to appear fatigued, more importantly, many electricity providers playing trick in the price, the price discount first again full × × × × × ×, full; × ×, meet the eye everywhere first banknote shopping phenomenon, so many consumers confused; what is more, consumers find out part of the electricity supplier to do the activities of commodity is just a gimmick, just added shows sold out, so many refer to deceive consumers".

September 18th is the annual electricity supplier who will not miss the autumn. In the 918 big promotion day, I learned that the volume leather mesh (www.juanpi.com) open the platform category promotion, also joined the big promotion battle.

It is reported that

, volume paper network founded in 2012 is a leading boutique discount sale site, location of "grass root version of vip.com" flagship boutique brand discount, sale, sales of women’s, men’s clothing, shoes and bags, baby, home, beauty, delicacy, digital, style nine categories products. At present, tens of millions of registered users, monthly trading volume billion yuan, with the low cost of operation and competitive prices, already profitable, with more to sell more and more loss of electronic business platform in stark contrast, after just 2 years of development, volume leather mesh grow into the first brand of domestic electricity supplier shopping guide.

talked about today’s big promotion war, volume leather mesh CEO, volume leather mesh with other platforms are not afraid of competition, there are two of our confidence: the first is not to play any games in the real price, provide authentic cheap goods; the second is to have a large number of business cooperation, business profits will roll the skin dry cut, roll off a layer of skin, the profits back to the user".

In fact,

electricity supplier price war between consumers and the like, there is no relationship, really the last laugh, must be real to do promotions, to bring consumers the real benefits of their electricity supplier


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