The Taobao business details to win promotion strategies to identify their own road

there are tens of thousands of roads in the world, all roads lead to Rome, but there is also a cul de sac, millet has gone through a lot of roads, but also through a dead end. It is not suitable for others to use the method is suitable for you, nor is it useless for others to say that the method is not suitable for you. That is how to choose it? Only the early days of any attempt to shop, not a day, two days, not a week, two weeks, but at least to observe a month, two months.

any method to achieve the ultimate, is not a simple imitation, not surface engineering, not formalism, but a drill in the end. It is said that the business is not good to do, it is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, in fact, it is difficult in the process of exploration, it may be a great waste, it may be no harvest. But as long as the above two, through this bleak stage, to the darkest period, perhaps will usher in a ray of light. Of course, you must first do any preparation for this phase, including psychological, economic, time arrangement, family living arrangements and physically, well, this is not to say, a simple reminder, let everyone have a number in mind on the line, next to the point.

promotion strategy sketch

what is a sketch? It is a large, full – scale blueprint, like building a house, you must first design the structure of the framework, waterways, circuits, furniture placement, ventilation and other basic elements. Similarly, the promotion of Taobao shop is also a must be designed in advance of complex projects, including promotion channels, promotional content, promotion personnel, time schedule, etc.. If you only consider one or two aspects, then your strategy will fail, at least not fully realized.

a, promotion channels

millet from the reams of essence learned a lot, so much that I can’t remember, like entering a maze, even take notes, it is not clear, do not know where to start, there is no way to perform. I think this is also a novice seller will face the problem. So, millet was a simple summary, basically can be included in these channels:

1, Taobao internal free channel

is included in the community, in the post gang activity, with silver coins grab advertising propaganda shop or a single product.

(1) post

we all know that the purpose is to show up, let others remember you, plus you as a friend or even go directly to your shop. To do this, there is a basic requirement, is the quality of post and reply to. Just write a few words that are simple, you are all familiar with, no inspiration, no lack of constructive and systematic content, or water, is a waste of time, not to write a few words of the description of the goods.

on the post, millet that began operating in the dark shop, just write some relevant experience Strike while the iron is hot., Taobao post, bring some new attention, and cultivate customers from the novice in. When a certain amount of credit

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