The first Apple authorized stores in suning com price is lower than the official website

[CCIDNET training] June 30th news, the day before, consumers have found that Apple recently updated the list of authorized dealers, the official website of the page to add one entrance brand authorization. The concern is that the authorized one brand also only, one can click to jump directly to the Apple official flagship store.

reporter landing Apple official flagship store found, page design, the overall style of the shop with the apple online store is very similar to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, the main line of goods were sold MacBook.

Suning marketing department also confirmed to reporters, Apple’s flagship store revision upgrades, and access to Apple’s full product line official authorization". Earlier rumors that, in order to eliminate the recent electricity supplier channels frequent "renovation" bring negative effects, also for the consolidation of Apple products in the domestic online channel influence, Apple has opened a Chinese domestic distribution channels and rectification, selectively to the domestic several big dealers in formal written authorization.

product prices, reporters found browsing, including iPhone 6 and New MacBook, a lot of explosive products, authorized price was lower than the price of Apple’s official website. The general manager of Suning computer division Li Qi said that over the past year, Apple Computer and mobile phone products in’s sales growth far exceeds the industry, thus the obtained prior to authorizing the advantage of "authorized stores online also coincides with the year celebration and students Shucu is the price of the product, whether or service has the confidence to compete with the whole network".

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