The train cannot upgrade is a change from the Pope’s

recently, I heard the train and upgrade again, in the background can be seen in real time each keyword hits, conversion, ROI. This upgrade for many businesses is undoubtedly a good opportunity for data leap. Just like last year in July after the upgrade, the first appeared in each keyword ROI, I did not benefit from the change in the shallow, the data has improved significantly, but also for the output of the store made no small contribution.

, however, for this upgrade, the author is not very cold. Because today a colleague there is positive to do some analysis and research, and the new company established a prosperous group, he also asked the second group inside the docking, the nearest store promotion flow of how small? Where can be recruited to say quality, at least is the strength of Taobao (guest? In fact, I know that A5 Adsense network is the local high-quality Taobao customer active)

laughed at these questions. A shop promotion of this topic, in June last year, I spent a lot of time to study, but also with the least responsible for docking consulted, but several efforts still can’t do the data. In the Star shop, targeted promotion, keyword promotion and store promotion, the latter is the most difficult to operate, and ROI is the lowest, and finally only choose to give up. The train should have contact with colleagues for more than half a year, I feel he is now the level may be with me last year (perhaps even worse), shop promotion for a month to spend 30 thousand yuan, ROI is too horrible to look at 1:0.41, each click on the unit price is 5 yuan. The average price of 4.5 yuan in other programs is about $2, the overall account is about ROI. So, I was given the proposal is to promote the shop cut. He did not agree, let the money on the grounds of corruption. In any case, there are star shops and brand keywords high ROI where support data.

again from another data analysis, the shop’s a burst of directional promotion in the last 30 months spent $200, ROI reached a terrible 1:10, but he suspended the plan. I asked him why he wanted to stop. He said he didn’t understand. I really don’t know what to say about this reply. Before I train a person in charge of 5 stores, 3 stores exhibition drill is the ease, the boss hired 5 extension staff as I a person. Maybe this is the way to determine the idea. To see the data do not do, as in December last year, a former colleague, like to teach him how to do the direction of the promotion, where the death of key words. Do not know because people now like to explore their own or how, obviously there is a good teacher in the teaching, but always listen to the recommendations.

so, the results of the evaluation of the colleague is: basic skills are poor, thinking is not clear, there is no direction of optimization. So, even if the new version of the car can see real-time ROI, for him is not helpful. On the one hand, the company leaders are always complaining about the cost of promotion staff

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