Do not fire these shops do not fire

first, as a rookie, I believe we all have a common trouble, traffic is low, sometimes one day no one came to visit, this is your main propaganda do not in place and do not understand the Taobao search engine, Taobao search engine is simply from the shelf between the more recent commodity the more forward, so we don’t put their goods once and for all the shelves, so that you may have only one day a week someone to your shop, on this point, there have been too many posts introduced here, I will no longer be described in detail.

so we’re talking about promotion:

: a community post is essential, but must be quality posts, advertising alone is not enough, but also in danger of being deleted and buckle coin, that is with the wife of another soldier, another is to use blog Wangwang, safe and effective way of advertising, which I believe we should have seen in many places, then to bask in the promotion of my experience, I have these 3000 views but I paid a 3 night promotion, first of all, in their own QQ to all friends sent a message, regardless of knowledge do not know, there are online, send, then. In all the group in their hair, again, first to own QQ space in the top one shop, then in the QQ space has a function called dynamic space friends, with over there, to all your good The friends of the space message posted a message through this function, you may never have to do advertising, because you to the space, but also to find the space link her other friends, don’t think that what trouble, tired like, if so, then you the shop is not open by early, not endure hardship where the money?

two: each big forum, information on the website to do publicity, for example, to some sites, a local forum, own campaign, to some campus forum posting, of course, like Sina, NetEase, these outstanding well-known community here, first of all, remember, don’t send advertising posts in a flagrant way. Because many forums are not allowed to do that, if allowed, you think, is done for you, would you like to see these ads? I am not willing to change, must be able to attract users with a very eye of the title, to take people to your post, so, no matter there is no reply at least, people browse up, these visitors will be very many potential customers, after all, Taobao is actually the seller to Amoy buyers, so we must carefully, at this point to adhere to, or I’m afraid I have to endure a few nights before I made dozens of forums and so on, and now continues!

three: the full use of search engines, for example, Valentine’s day to send what things to my girlfriend? Because I was selling shoes, I have to answer, first is a sincerity soft, then slowly turn the theme to attract the shoes, and finally attached to your online address, there is one point to note, don’t what I said to the shop to see a bar, people do not talk to you, must guide the way to find the problem is "

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