The Jingdong pat pat Network on line cheap domain name robbed destabilize Taobao Juhuasuan

renamed China ( October 22nd hearing, for less than a month’s double 11, Taobao, Jingdong and other major mall has been "eager for a fight", various tricks, ready to make a big fight. Today, Jingdong’s pat Network announced that the 11 will be the main position to pat micro shop, and will be formally launched tomorrow, new products cheap".

pat Network launched the "cheap shot", refers to the user through the "cheap shot" choose the right goods open group, to become head of, by micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, and other space forum, invite friends group, lobbied for the corresponding number that can buy cheap products. According to the "Chinese whois query system," shoot cheap " in the days before the domain name was registered by a space.

"cheap shot" is the first mobile terminal products based on social relationships chain propagation, combining with the concept of social relations and friends of the group purchase, form the most trendy fight to purchase mode, a major weapon is the Jingdong to compete with Taobao "Juhuasuan".

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