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from the 15 day this month, against the interests of consumers "behavior punishment measures" will be formally implemented, it clearly has been opened "cannot be used as a shop, TV shopping and other sellers refused to return the reason, if the operators deliberately delay or unreasonably refused, they will face a maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan. In this regard, Luoyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer protection branch of the relevant responsible person said that the "measures" requirements for online shopping etc. return to further clarify the basis for law enforcement to the Ministry of Commerce to deal with such disputes, this situation is likely to be changed.


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business has been opened. "The provisions of the new "law"

according to March 15, 2014 since the implementation of the operators to sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification. But this is not the case. At the end of last year, the Association published data, since the implementation of the "law", "online shopping seven days no reason to return" has become the difficulty of consumer complaints. In this regard, the Consumers Association released the news show, consumers have no reason to return seven days difficult mainly because of the scope of application of the parties to the "online shopping seven days no reason to return requirement and specific performance standards exist different understanding, expanding the scope of business is not the rule, hinder the rights of consumers in accordance with the law.

as the new rules for the implementation of the "law", the upcoming implementation of the "measures" provisions, the seller "to consumers has been opened, the impact of commodity inspection intact refused to return" and more than fifteen days, as deliberately procrastinate or refuse, according to the provisions of the new "law", be liable to be fined 500 thousand yuan.

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Ms. Zhang bought 2 boxes of tea on the net, after receipt of the goods found on the product manual indicates that the product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure in her drinking, contact the merchant, merchant to Ms. Zhang has tea packaging opened on the grounds, refused to return for Ms. zhang. And Ms. Zhang believes that the internal packaging of tea intact, re packaging can still be sold. "And when the merchants did not inform the purchase is not suitable for people with high blood pressure." Zhang said that if the business informed in advance, she would not buy.


, a specialized sales of nuts and tea products Taobao owner Ms. Yu believes that the "measures" after the implementation of consumers is a good news, but the seller is likely to bring no small impact. "The" measures "not only said" has been opened because consumers’ and refused to refund, but did not clear the extent to which the goods can be opened, after the implementation of new regulations, the parties may also occur after so much dispute." Ms. Yu said.

Mr. Li

who lives in Xigong are worried as MS congruence. In his view, as consumers, do not open the online shopping products can not determine whether the goods are intact, but some products are open, it is bound to affect the two sale. For example, the requirements for health

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