Babe network refinancing 100 million to create qianyiji mobile shopping entrance

June 16th, babe network held a new business, new pattern and new power "Strategy Conference in Beijing, announced the completion of the D round of financing $100 million investment for the new horizon, the northern lights, Gao Rong capital, capital today and other well-known investment institutions, by the Thai capital acted as financial advisor. At the same time, babe network has at the end of last year, low-key completed by the capital today the main cast C+ round of financing. Babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun said the amount of financing will be used to build proprietary supply chain system to enhance the user experience and expand the business, do bigger and stronger business fundamental.

roller dominance almost monopolized the maternal and child electricity supplier

babe network completed C $100 million round of financing at the beginning of 2015, the valuation of nearly $1 billion, became the first Unicorn company maternal electricity supplier. Followed by honey bud baby into the public eye to become the second rapid development of maternal and child electricity supplier company, when the competition situation bite tight. But only half a year after the two sides opened a big gap in January this year, Talking data released 2015 annual report shows that in many industries maternal, maternal electricity supplier APP, babe network coverage rate and the rate of active users to occupy the first place, not only more than second honey bud more than 4 times, is 3 times more than the sum of bread after 9 the honey bud, firmly occupy maternal electricity supplier No.1. This pattern once again confirmed in the well-known data company Questmobile in May released the latest mobile business report, babe network lead to further expand, monthly active users over honey bud nearly 6 times, more than 4 total more than 3 times, at the same time, babe network remains the maternal electricity supplier development quickly.

ranks among China’s electricity supplier ten million MAU second camp

QuestMobile released the "2016 China Mobile Electric Research Report", from the user coverage, active degree, viscosity of the core data dimension of China Mobile electricity supplier in the field of many business platform development and management status of the objective analysis and evaluation. Babe network whether in DAU (daily active users), MAU (monthly active users) or into the China electricity supplier user viscosity second camp (Jingdong,,,, babe network), is a new electricity supplier on behalf of strength.

new investors position is the next mobile shopping portal

According to the

NLVC investment institutions to enter the new round of the director general manager Jiang Haotian said, the industry is very clear, with the advantage of rolling babe network has already won the vertical electricity supplier battlefield, investment network is to help babe babe network become a mobile shopping entrance. And said, the top capital and the industry’s most outstanding team cooperation, we believe that this is a historic opportunity to create the future of China Mobile’s female shopping leader."


it is worth noting that, in the new round of the list of investors in Beibei, including new horizon, Gao Rong.

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