Zhang Youwei’s network marketing concept you think it’s all wrong

now many companies are doing network marketing, but what is the network marketing, but few people can say clearly. In many companies, network marketing is equivalent to the network promotion, or network marketing is to do Baidu, in fact, these can only be said to be in the network, and marketing is not reflected. In the beginning, Zhang Youwei told us: in the network, you think the right, acceptable methods are basically wrong; you think wrong, unacceptable methods are basically right.


carefully try to figure out the two words, which really makes sense, really because everyone thinks that network marketing should do so, that this method is feasible, so many people go to a wrong way, also caused the Internet now difficult to do business; and truly understand marketing people often are not normally, they will be from a new perspective to think, to marketing, and this is right, so they succeed.

[Zhang Youwei look at the current network marketing]

, a network marketing network promotion: many online marketers view no global marketing now, put the site into a warehouse is full of traffic flow, it is spent a lot of effort to do network promotion, but the effect is less and less.

two, Baidu is equivalent to that of network marketing, Alibaba, think that Taobao is equivalent to the electricity supplier: in fact, this idea is very common, many people think that to do network marketing is to take on Baidu, their products do make Baidu home; and to do business is to do Alibaba, Taobao, actually this kind of idea it is one-sided, has great limitations.

three, there is no specific method of promotion: on this point many companies will feel very dissatisfied, because many people think a lot of promotion methods, but the real effective or can bring customers is less and less. So all these promotion is useless.

four, not to the customers to buy your products for this sentence: in other words, the lack of product selling, because now the product universal, many enterprises are not aware of their products in which a selling point, even the operators do not know where the products selling customers how to buy


five, no way to let customers trust you: now a lot of websites, the photos are fake, fake, false information is QQ even people are false; there are some operators using the name or nickname that some people simply cannot read Martian, now network marketing is to do marketing a real enterprise, and these need to use some real information to gain the trust of customers, however, is that we do is the worst.

[Zhang Youwei network marketing concept]

a, true. Only the real ability to make customers trust you, but also to get down to understand your business, your products. This requires a real identity certificate; QQ

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