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today (October 28th), Analysys International announced the completion of 90 million yuan B round of financing, this round of financing by the Shenzhen Venture Capital Group and its clay series lead investor funds, positive and island fund four institutional investors with investment. Analysys founder Yu said that the financing will be used to upgrade the team, Analysys technology upgrade, upgrade the ecological. Last December, Analysys subsidiary enfodesk completed a A round of financing by the OFC lead investor, venture capital, Scarlett, it spectacular rich capital, and capital investment with the help of geeks watkins.


was founded in 2000 by Analysys International, is the Internet market information products, services and solutions provider, according to public reports, for investment B round of investment of around big data analysis, Analysys of enterprise service level:

chairman Peng Zhiqiang wanglian while attention to the investment in the field of B To

heat;The pattern of faith and

and investment founding partner and President Chen Li agreed to the founder Yang Analysys, see, Analysys business model and the positive and the island’s ecological investment philosophy advocated investment;

vice president of Shenzhen Venture capital investment low clock 100 Internet companies returns based on the powerful force on enterprise data assets……

Has a diversified business big data, enterprise education and capital cooperation platform

Analysys International’s, perhaps it can be understood in Analysys International do, two lines, one is the other is enfodesk, business solutions. You can take this platform to understand enfodesk for the Internet industry consulting firm, there are similar iResearch, AI media consulting, big data analysis and rating agencies; business solutions by focusing on user life cycle management data analysis of cloud "Analysys Ark" analysis platform for enterprises to provide help.

is relatively more biased in favor of Analysys research on mobile Internet, for example, for APP developers can view the sails, operating personnel, marketing and provide investors with APP operation data, and benchmarking analysis. This has been reported previously with tiger sniffing causal tree function, you can detect a variety of enterprise data.

obviously, this data mining, crawling, storage, transfer, or even have a high level of clean-up requirements, and how to get the data after the analysis, the logic behind what is not a simple job. Will people have concerns: the source of data is true and reliable? Whether it is comprehensive and authoritative? Whether the update? Especially related to benchmarking, neutral attitude is crucial.

has known user evaluation Analysys is Android’s sails – playing the opening:

and APP manufacturers docking SDK, in to be able to monitor the APP data at the same time, also to monitor the installation of other APP APP that mobile phone users in the use of data, and so on, with the increase of the docking arranged in a crisscross pattern, the number of manufacturers (> does not butt out

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