The feasibility of the product from which aspects

one day the boss calls you and says, "Wang, come to my office." To you, after the boss said: "recently saw Wu wrote children’s goods exchange platform, very enlightening, I want to do such a product, then solved by books, toys and clothes used among the children, you go back to the next, analysis is feasible under this product, for my analysis report after a week." Then you will cudgel thinking……


this scene do you have? In this case how to do? Where to start? Sometimes the boss flashed a thought, we need to analyze this idea, its feasibility research, leading to a correct and impartial advice. So, the feasibility of the product need to start from what aspects? How to demonstrate the feasibility of the product?

The feasibility of

products should be considered from three aspects: technical feasibility, economic feasibility and social feasibility.

technical feasibility


analysis of technical indexes of the product to be itemized in the feasibility analysis of product technology, technical feasibility analysis elements are as follows:

competitors function comparison, the study of how many similar products in the industry, what are the features and functions of similarities and differences. Through the analysis of competing products can understand each other’s technical characteristics, product characteristics, the development of space, market conditions, user preferences and our breakthrough points and other information.

technology risk and avoidance methods, the technology may be used to conduct a comprehensive analysis, the technology can not solve the problem, if there is how to avoid.

ease of use and user use threshold, ease of use of the product, user groups analysis, whether the product will be difficult to use.

environment dependent products depends on whether or not the third party platform, such as the environment, some APP regulations must meet the above IOS7.0 platform; some rules only fit IE, Firefox, 360 browsers, other browsers do not support; some products must be inserted into the U shield before use, or can not use.

economic feasibility

analysis of the technical feasibility of the product after the analysis of the economic feasibility of the product in research, research and development and other expenses and the product may bring economic and social benefits in the future.


icon is as follows:


product expenditure analysis is as follows:

human cost, product from research, analysis, design, development, testing, operation and maintenance, the number of human needs, how many months, the average monthly cost per person is how much.

software, hardware cost, product production and the need to buy the software and hardware, such as: the product used in the database, development tools, third party software, the number of servers, routers, network >

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