The difference between the promotion of high end products and low end products network

transformation from the traditional marketing model into network marketing, the original should be given their own products set a good position, identify customer base. Regardless of whether the product brand, must use the most appropriate and effective way to sell out, in order to get the maximum benefit. Network is a more open platform, so it is easy to improve the product exposure, mining potential customers. But also exposed some negative information, so to stand firm in the network platform, we must win the reputation of customers.

the gap between the price of each product has caused the separation of the customer base, which is the business before the opening of the product will be a good place. Low end products can be QQ mass, e-mail group, blog and forum marketing, to be released in some large B to C platform product information, it may be the first batch of customers. For low-end products, the main consideration is the appearance of the product and the price, for the material, process, quality is considered less.

high-end products due to the relatively high price, so the number of customer groups, for the promotion of a little bit difficult. Now China’s high-end consumer groups have a high degree of education, high IQ, a certain amount of wealth, strong spending power. The group is good at collecting all kinds of information products, smarter than the average customer. So I think the promotion can be from the professional network of industry, magazines and traditional media, some of the more well-known high-end product forum is a good place to promote. The promotion of a product is good and bad, does not depend on a certain aspect, but lies in the quality of the product, promotion, logistics, terminal image display, sale, etc.. Even the brochure, instructions are related to the success of a product promotion. Word of mouth marketing has always been the top priority of the product, no matter what way you sell the product, a good user reputation is the key to your success. To maintain good customer reputation, the above are indispensable. Product reputation done, so that customers spontaneously help you to promote products, then you succeed.

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