Red star network marketing VS marketing company to an antidote against the disease

the past two years, fans economy is frequently mentioned, this is the business architecture is concerned on the relationship between the revenue behavior of fans and, is a means to enhance user stickiness and word-of-mouth marketing form to obtain economic benefits and social benefits of the commercial operation mode. So today, we’ll talk about star marketing and network marketing red.

Star Marketing and celebrity endorsements actually have some differences. Star Marketing is through micro-blog, blog, concerts and other activities in some of the details of the details of the publicity, and thus achieve a marketing effect. Star endorsement is common to us, the star through a direct way of publicity, so as to play the desired effect of celebrity endorsements.

but superior is the star of small enterprises can be invited to ask, with red network status and influence is centralized in the Internet, the pursuit of the marketing effect of brand advertisers naturally flock.

some people red a contemptuous disregard on the net, compared to that of the star network, low red gas fans less, but is it really? Star fans all have the characteristics of the times, such as the Jay Chou fans about 90 occupy the mainstream, and little meat, such as TFBOY fans probably concentrated in 00. For example, before Jiro Wang endorsement of female products, although the cause of the topic of discussion, but if fans do not buy it.

and the network of red fans are mostly vertical vertical audience, regardless of age, gender, class, hobbies or other standards, such fans in a certain respect has a stronger vertical common.


Group CEO Zhang Yong said: "all the time, we discussed the network economy, a fan of the economy, but in the change of the whole 2015, there is a new group produced a new family, is on the Taobao platform, we call the red family network. This is the embodiment of the new economic power."

many people optimistic about the network red, that they have a strong brand communication leverage and marketing value. Some people think that if you can find more and more stable business model, it will not pass away.

to Papi as the representative of the red sauce network characters, to create new media economic miracle, but also to promote the healthy development of red net economy ", the mobile Internet Era" Red Net economy "into a diversified and new development situation, multi industry, multi dimension


network red as the main body of the traffic is not durable. But in the beginning of the small, can not afford a big star in a small company is actually good, you rely on her fans to get visibility or sales, she can also be realized, mutual benefit.

A5 marketing ( to remind you, celebrity is just a fulcrum, and the fans behind is the ultimate need to be picked up the main body. So whether to find a network of red or star do marketing, also need to be carefully considered, under the

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