WeChat 5 era of WeChat marketing how to play

August 5, 2013, sunny, a little sultry.

this is the weather in Ji’nan. This is an ordinary day, but can go down in history for a day, never had so many Internet practitioners look forward to such a day, never had so many day rich handsome and grass root users play iPhone aircraft, at Android users continue to hit the aircraft, the aircraft has not hit you? Out!

and friends talk to a lot of nearly 24 points, a look at WeChat, it can download the beta version, download quickly, on the way home is walking and playing, even at the intersection of building a street scan, too black, not sweep it out. After arriving home, in the toilet and picked up a napkin and shampoo swept under the bar code, found that the 1 shop is really cheap TMD, can not help but sigh: I and small partners stunned!

lyric is completed, but the WeChat 5 era of WeChat marketing in the end how to play, how to do? WeChat marketing and individual user experience are inseparable, we explore the possibility of WeChat marketing analysis of 5 new features of edges.


expression store: click on the lower right corner of the interface, "I" can enter the expression store, there are 5 sets of expression can be purchased, the price of 6 yuan, I believe there are a lot of "wisan" DDMM has bought one of the profit model, to celebrate the success of WeChat. Of course, if you have a creative, artistic skills, you can design the expression, and then to WeChat to sell, as to how to do, please contact WeChat good.

2, sweep: Based on the two-dimensional code scanning, scanning bar code, WeChat has added a cover (CD, magazines, books etc.). After scanning the bar code and the cover, there will be a commodity in the easy fast, Amazon, Dangdang, 1 stores, etc., the price of the four online stores, and you can purchase orders, which is the real parity shopping. These days it is estimated that these shops will be very busy, and quickly adjust the price ah. But there are many online shopping mall should be about the official WeChat wildly beating gongs and drums to talk about cooperation.


this feature is likely to form a relatively big blow to the mall, after shopping, we may see a lot of people in the selection of goods at the same time with a mobile phone to scan it, compare the price online. If the stores no longer the price adjustment strategy will really become an online mall store, also is experiencing.

3, sweep the street: take the mobile phone sweep the streets and buildings, which will show the names of some stores, this may develop into a big business, think of everyone in the sweep of Plaza 66, such a small mobile phone screen name can appear in several shops, of course is high in the pre payment.

4, translation: I do not know is a bandit improper operation or how to screen the lyrics, English scanning, just jump out of a single word translation can not be translated into sentences, and only English Chinese translation, Chinese translation can’t speak English, I believe that WeChat will continue to improve the function.

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