Gao Jiesi in the micro blog page screen forced to play audio advertising Do not eat so bad marketing

said this work two days away from fishing, mostly because Gao Jie caught the wire.

because Gao Jie silk launched a video ads in the micro-blog screen page, and the video advertisement is broadcast automatically, don’t skip not mute. If you intend to open the micro-blog touch the fish when meeting and go to work, the next step might be a disaster, please keep in mind that Gao Jiesi read advertisements: "Gao Jie silk, thin towel body design, super soft surface, no sense of freedom brought as usual the……"

this is probably Chinese Internet users to bid farewell to "you have a world where pop ads after the first such massive humiliation. The storm continued in 2016 will soon be over, but this at the end of 2016 a wicked thing, Baidu did not do, Alipay did not do, but micro-blog to do, but also pull wire under Gao Jie.

to see how micro-blog users Tucao:

East laugh – read Sanchuan: micro-blog is not mentally retarded!!! Open advertising is Gao Jie silk even!! fuck or even video video version!!!! automatically play!! can you imagine that I can meet absquatulate secretly open micro-blog, deafening my mood around the probe to see an aunt. When a mother napkins advertising music!!!


Yue Yue Yang Yang: micro-blog today Gao Jie wire opening screen advertising too silly missing, "skip" button is false, cheat you click

June: Juan Zhan Gao Jie silk after this ad, how many people have vowed not to buy this brand of sanitary napkins? Yesterday heard the story of someone is open in the quiet library, someone opened on Monday morning at the meeting, the worst thing is a big brother in the enterprise seminar, I want to find a the micro-blog case, then present dozens of secretary and executives after ten seconds of advertising, not off.

SelfDevourer: micro-blog watch yesterday, didn’t give me a list of attention, focus on some trash stock marketing number, this is not wrong! I know that sina micro-blog! Then open micro-blog Gao Jie silk advertising, skip directly to the video, be pestered beyond endurance. Micro-blog or micro-blog, has been doing evil. Do not say, today, a bunch of micro-blog do not understand the brush brush account.

was scolded a day later, Gao Jie Sina official micro-blog until 4 p.m. just made an apology to micro-blog, from micro-blog content, probably by micro-blog this pig teammates to pit.


well, can play a mandatory video advertising sitting on 300 million active users of the micro-blog fan page, Gao Jie wire must have spent a lot of money. But it is destined to become one of the most failure of a case of new media advertising in the history of advertising, nothing wrong with what in the creative, but more and more by selling advertising revenue to support micro-blog together, eating will be very ugly.

: the use of human weakness



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