n fact the essence of marketing is human nature

QQ, someone asked me, how to promote the WeChat public number


said the promotion difficult, difficult to promote, in fact, not so difficult. Still too anxious. Want to make a profit, make quick money.

know almost, this problem is very fire. I took a look at it. Similar questions are answered in more than and 200. But each person’s answer is all the same. There is an individual reference to "content".

I said that some people may think that some of those arguments, in fact, we do not refute, is that we did not practice. No practice no right to speak. For tens of thousands of fans every day or even hundreds of thousands of fans of large There are plenty of people who are. It may be a drainage method, or an article. Virality, the title of the party or chicken soup. Browse a million chance, tens of thousands of fans is very easy, of course, must rely on a certain amount of luck, after all, these methods are not allowed to operate, can only be done every day, maybe the day the fire.

but there is a problem, this number, the powder out of the powerful. There is a free line to do something to promote the publicity of the public number, Beijing street every day, sweep code to send drinks, send a small gift. Mode is very simple, scan code attention, WeChat public number, you have a bottle of drink. How good. I saw a lot of people that day, and went to gather together, in fact, we are rushed to the beauty of a pile. Just thirsty. Who thought to sweep all send it, they do not give, for women.

I asked him: "how do you think the effect will not fall?"

said: "fortunately, every day can send more than and 300, that is more than and 300 out of more than and 100 fans, there is more than and 100 dead fly, may think at that time to cancel don’t have the heart to feel it, but not cancel powder is dead no effect, the remaining 100 live contented."

I said, "even if you give me, I’ll turn around and cancel.". "


he said: "not, I’ll give you an account balance, if can add 300 fans every day, a month is almost 10000, this month is cancelled probably also left the more than 6 thousand bar, the moonlight powder, not to publish content, precipitation, a month later then I released the contents of the article, every day about 50 to 100 powder, but powder will fall more than and 200 every day, but you can count an account, 6000 fly a day off 200, can let me off for at least a month, then every day by 100 fans to increase 30*100=3000, then as long as you maintain good!"

I said: understand, this model is actually the accumulation of basic fans. Rely on these to help you bring real fans."

, he said: "yes, just one month is enough, with these fans, the rest is good copy and content."

I said: in fact, the essence of marketing is human nature, do not need any marketing techniques, including the way you give free drinks is also

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