Do your traffic come from

Where does the

traffic come from? Find the source of traffic…

do stand friends all know, flow hard won. Some people on the flow of less than 1000 yuan of income, some people are able to flow 100+ million income?

what is the reason?

we refer to the latter as "high quality IP", that is, our major customers!

how to get high quality IP? This is a let all webmaster are very headache problem! Below I say for you my idea!

1 do have the quality of the chain. Website is a platform, not our job. Remember this sentence! If it’s new, do not rush to do advertising revenue, why? Because the principle of search spiders, specifically to check their own! The best to do their own advertising, do not use the JS call! So, spiders will be included more expensive station page! So, the user needs, will certainly come to your station. Many similar sites do! And


2 update. Daily update one or more pieces of temptation! Don’t fake


3 bring their own products, the transaction process to be simple, safe, clear!

4 must have at least 1 topics. In this way, from the search engine in the IP is almost all of the subject to the


5 article in the essence is not much! Let the customer will not come to the same information to other stations. The article should be simple, clear, can explain the problem!

6 don’t post Lee Gane to home page. If your home page is fast enough, you can take care of other stations… Why? Because the homepage update slow, included over, will continue to included following links, the spider went to the other station! The last time I said that the connection do punctuation, not easy to be administrator. When do you do other columns page, you stand in this way, the spiders along your arrangements go, he will continue to collect! And don’t add, because each article has its own related articles, plus the spider will run…

7 make their own brand. Here is the credibility of the important, the credibility of the high will be able to retain customers, which is the quality of IP!

8 lets more people collect your website. Here is my specific BOOKMARK! In "on the baidu IP5000 after the closure of the station by the"   this article said! Can be found in stationmaster net in


finally, my home station included free public site Oh, there is a need of a friend add my QQ187132072 about


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