and the morning home network

      his writing is coherent, not to change, may be part of you do not want to see, or that I do AD, then please do not see. Their efforts will not be wasted, of course, it is impossible to send this article, if only send this piece of paper is too much to look down on me, I will share some of their experiences to everyone.

      1999 2003 officially came into contact with the network, learning website construction, 2004 formally established its own website, until the 07 year in June has gone through three years, although the network contact time is relatively long, but it is not just the age to play, did not expect serious learning, serious to do their own things, until now feel that their knowledge is really too little.

      the network also has a lot and I like wandering in the edge of the gate network, do not know how to start, do not know how to learn, do not know whether to step into this very attractive IT good industry, this industry is very attractive, why many famous 80 will be in IT industry? Think IT industry, especially for the network if you want to set up their own website really easy, now the virtual host Montreal are just watching you are willing to build their own station. The price is not cheap do not need too much investment, as long as you can make a reputation.

      2004 June in Shandong Linyi a IT company, that although he will remember when the website of DW but have never used, FrontPage is used with the web Three Musketeers don’t know, you can think of my level, but I fell in love with the network love, this network. My heart is to learn to play with others of the time to digest, so I arrived at this three flow level. When working in this company is facing to the bankruptcy of the company, the company finally to remember owe me more than a month of wages or out, but eventually forced out, less than 2000 dollars, plus a little money in his hand is about to open their own company.

      when young, born fearless, snapadoo. Look for office, buy a computer, install broadband. Slowly set up a simple studio. This time is October 2004. The company had received their sour, sweet, bitter, hot felt. Experience the taste of the human body will not be able to, but also feel the success of others can not feel, I always feel great.

      investment is not too big, do not need too much can create a miracle, I do not create a miracle created by others, studio two of us, I do not know the day and night, in the night, "

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