How to do a Taobao shop

a serious degree

I see a lot of Taobao shop, shop every day is too many to count, but really do a good few, I think the only three percent of the shops are doing better, the 37 law is the fear of it, why do some shops open there has been full of sound and colour, which is not good business this, see you do things seriously, some people say not open shop take a commercial picture, issued a commodity on the line well, if so simple, Taobao store every business should be booming ah, others opened shop good work is some more seriously, you have to store business well, you do not seriously, others a day online for twelve hours, you may have two days is not on a network, others take your goods, you know a few days delivery, you want someone will come to your shop Do you still believe in yourself? Remember that every effort you make can be recycled, as long as you do it, there’s nothing you can’t get.

two, learning degree

said the study may be Amoy friends will say ah, I also learn every day, I also missed every Taobao lecture in business to listen, but still not good, I remember we are listening to a class when a really asleep Amoy friends ah, this course can you fell asleep. You are man, we do not want to learn to speak firmly, also will be used, the only effect. You do not look at the letter crown sellers, they store pictures, text, classification, culture, pre-sale, sale, service and so on a series of customer service, I shop than you do well, do well the seller, from now on immediately to learn, let you lead the way, to win at the starting line.

three, persistence

there are some shops may start to conclude some transactions, for a period of time will not do what business, then inevitably some frustration, frustration, fear, each of which is Taobao stores are encountered, the crown shop is not a day doing well, I have seen some people to give up four three diamond drill. Just a few steps to success, is not too bad, I have read the book about the famous film star Stallone has rejected 1850 times, he has insisted finally successful, I read a book about Edison in every experiment are similar to after about 1000 times before they succeed, then you should I insist on it. Think of someone you’re going to want to give up in time, I insist on it. If you want to be successful, you can’t do what others can’t do.

four, activity

this is the most critical point, many taobaoer learning is also a lot of pictures, content, store decoration is also good, but business is not very good, which is why it? This is about a flexibility for example: your store of goods. You notice, you store messages, your store music and so a series is always the same, don’t see the next time will not have what good impression, will lose a number of old customers, must maintain the original goods, at least once a week.

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