Fast moving consumer goods market in the countryside Magnolia warehouse was millions of dollars Ange

June 30th news, the rural FMCG market, Magnolia warehouse to get millions of dollars Angel round of investment, the investment side of the road capital. It is understood that the financing will be mainly used for the construction of the pen, to increase the category, as well as expand the scale of cooperation between the four or five cities and rural wholesalers, to further enhance the density of the transaction.


bin Mulan is a cut in the rural market with the FMCG Weihuo project, from May last year officially launched. The founder of the high Lin is the electricity supplier industry veteran, the core team of the company mainly from Alibaba, Jingdong, brewmaster network, rain doctors platform.

category, Magnolia warehouse is currently the main choice of grain and oil, spices, drinks and other high consumption of goods, the transaction is completed on the APP. It is understood that, at present, the main business of Mulan bin radiation Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, water up to three or four months.

is a huge market space poop, had in the field of clothing and shoes, but the FMCG business has just started. It is understood that in the FMCG retail market competition, will have a huge number of annual inventory value of up to now, trillion, bring enormous pressure to manufacturers and distributors. Rely on a second tier city user difficult to digest these stocks increased year by year, while accounting for 3/4 of the population in the rural areas, brand consumer demand continues to increase, but because the rural electricity supplier is still in the initial stage, the massive consumer demand has not been fully released.

market for this pain point, Mulan bin by "Internet plus rural wholesalers" mode, connecting the upstream and downstream rural market brand manufacturers wholesalers, on the one hand to help brand manufacturers to resolve the Weihuo inventory pressure, open up the rural market; on the other hand, let rural obtain more cost-effective wholesalers and brand merchandise. Relying on their mature distribution channels and sales system, to the four or five line of the city’s users.

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