58 group CEO Yao Jinbo Mobile nternet and life service revolution has just begun


technology news news November 17th, the third session of the world economic forum – China Internet Conference digital government dialogue held today, the 58 Group CEO Yao Jinbo to participate in the forum said that the digital economy more than half of the proportion of services in the field of life, combined with the mobile Internet and life service scenarios has just begun, and great changes will take place in the next a ten year.

he said, mobile Internet plus service life will change dramatically in the next ten years. There are three main reasons:

first, all kinds of conditions. Network technology, convenient payment channels, credit system, so that the Internet is more and more we thought people of high frequency farthest from its use, such as restaurant owner, waiter, future, such use will be more.

second, life service is essentially a service to connect information, the natural characteristics of the decision it is the easiest to be information, big data, mobile Internet is changing the field. Let the change comes, life services will be multiplication level change, which is why the life of the service sector, as long as the birth of a company, will have a huge impact on traditional industries.

third, Chinese economy especially in real estate, business entities, export in recent years, there are relatively large, but the service life, the third industry in China economic proportion in the past ten years has become more and more. China’s economy can be expected in the future, there will not be a big problem and sustainable development is the life of the service.

Yao Jinbo also mentioned that the 58 city in accelerating the development of these years, and today compared to ten years ago, five years ago, the 58 city is a less popular enterprise, but today 58 city daily service to tens of millions of users, there are millions of businesses in the 58 city platform staff recruitment, promotion services and users to better connect together. This reflects the development of the digital economy from one side. I think the transformation of the digital economy on the life of service has just begun, the future will be born in some areas of a larger platform. My life in the digital economy and the combination of mobile Internet services full of confidence. (Anne)

following Yao Jinbo speech record:


government and business circles provided digital economy, but people in the Internet impact of mobile Internet on it actually concerns the application of a life, such as taxi drops, Taobao shopping, 58 city rent, the sale of second-hand goods etc.. The 58 group that more than and 10 years have been very focused on doing with the old service down to earth, I feel that the digital economy more than half of the proportion of services in the field of life, because this is the most basic needs of the user, it’s time, income is largely consumed in the above, find local services consumption in various housing work, and. There are several reasons, mobile Internet plus service life will happen a huge change in the next ten years.

Robin Li mentioned yesterday that the mobile Internet is over, there will be no new Unicorn produced. I don’t have this

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