Saif Wang Qiule did not find the problems on the financing demand product service sucks

Saif investment fund in the arena is often called Saif, because our early is a branch of Softbank, then our independence in 2004, in 2009 changed its name to Saif, but it is customary, we continue to shout saif. At present, the race to manage billions of dollars of funds, plus tens of billions of yuan of funds, the fund size is very large. In addition, investment performance is also excellent, so the market for us and several other institutions, some investment direction and thinking are more concerned about.

in the past one and a half years, great changes have taken place in the capital market, but also very intense, like a roller coaster, affect the level of market inevitably, especially those of US venture capital participants, including all entrepreneurs.

so in this case, our industry has done a lot of reflection. After a few lessons, you may hear a lot of positive things, but today I want to share with you is in the "winter capital" in our own reflection on entrepreneurship and financing behavior, so the theme is: Entrepreneurship and other financing.

this topic some big, mainly divided into two parts, the first is some practical things, it is straightforward in Entrepreneurship and the process of financing, as investors we care more about is what? Followed by some internal work, because for investors practical things will only make you there is a foundation, decide how far you can go, can accomplish great things, or to see how entrepreneurs practicing internal strength.

this is a reference to the map, the United States some one or two years ago, a survey of American entrepreneurs, so that losers answer the main reason for the failure of startups


this is a multi topic, a total of 20 listed the reasons for failure. Before the big brother said that if a start-up company is not the basis, just a small problem can put him down. Today your projects are very early, may not experience how deep, but when your company is doing more, you must be very careful, you will feel more and more tired, more and more cautious. A lot of famous companies overnight, may be because of a very small incident, not even the technical aspects of the product, is a PR event.

venture financing problems on the ·


OK, the real beginning of our practical content.

1 did not find the demand for

first need to say is that everyone in the business, the beginning there is a great dream, but what problems should be solved? This problem you want to solve is not a real demand? At this point if not think clearly, it will be entrepreneurs most easily the biggest mistake again under the.

in the United States to do the survey statistics, 42% of people believe that the reason for their failure to start a business, because the direction is wrong, the demand is not right. In other words, you think big

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