Tencent on line WeChat academy strict supervision of the public number

[A5] stationmaster network news recently, the spread of a variety of reading and misreading about WeChat published new public platform for renovating public, banned WeChat group, prohibit public accounts push each other, prohibit the use of nearby people, drift bottles promotion, prohibit the use of WeChat navigation promotion and so on strict regulations making always "small talk" of WeChat the marketing situation seems to be more "one disaster after another".

The crusade against the Tencent did not misread

hoarse, but after the solution given strict adjustment calmly and quietly on the line, WeChat". It is understood that the "WeChat" is an open learning platform, application developers, from the public account platform technology, user experience and the latest information on four different dimensions were launched WeChat WeChat business school, Institute of technology, WeChat and WeChat fun moments of four pages, to help all users of WeChat.


face is blindly push WeChat marketing "environment, the Tencent launched WeChat, certainly not to uneven marketing lit a lamp, but also on the WeChat public, more stringent regulation, rather than a powerful commentary crackdown.

extended reading: give up WeChat? Please praise WeChat public no strict regulations do not point, circle "eight provisions rumor" WeChat public number of new regulations ban WeChat WeChat third party training to prohibit a public number and then push each other out of the new regulations: multiple constraints to a circle of friends to share

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