How to treat social marketing rationally

new media brings to national marketing, entrepreneurial companies want to squeeze into the mobile Internet to bring good hope. WeChat development, APP development of the next step, the turn of operation, and social marketing by default into operational priority among priorities, as a team, and even the whole company operation standard. So, how to look at the rational start-up companies social marketing


flowers look very beautiful

social marketing, usually every layman view, send several WeChat, micro-blog made a few scripts, the social networking site push, crazy soft words, plus some luck, customers and cash flow to the vertical cable technology believes that social marketing is not a simple piece of creative + + luck + bullheadedness. You can circle to the customer and the money it needs to have a "master thinking", namely creative resources + + operation + reasonable money, so in order to enhance the brand visibility, to attract more fans.

so in the majority of laymen, micro marketing, or APP as long as the operation of social marketing can produce a good effect. However, social marketing as they look so beautiful? When someone might say, isn’t it enough to remember to use the circle of friends do together every little bit of WeChat? Durex is not using micro-blog to circle fans? Millet is not through the QQ space and forum marketing to gather fans


enough to remember the beauty is like the beauty of fireworks bloom, after a sigh, perhaps miss, but this is the entertainment of the fate of APP, they are only in line with people’s pursuit of fresh and interesting heat for three minutes, but also with their own characteristics to attract fans, that is to say, at least this basis the product is more powerful.

a lot of people think WeChat marketing, service number / subscription number sent a few messages, and then circle of friends to share, micro-blog marketing is to write the contents of the timer to send the basic on the line. Cable technology that, whether it is WeChat marketing, or micro-blog marketing, you need to have their own core fans and content, in order to effectively pass. In other words, your micro-blog may have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of fans, stones thrown into the water at least there are waves, your micro-blog sent out, very few comments and forwarding. Where is the problem: 1 there is no core fans; there is no core content value of 2.

Durex micro-blog marketing success, it is micro-blog itself has a large number of fans, there are also a few small fans a lot, plus the "day" in a flash to create the "core content", issued by micro-blog to trumpet, tuba trumpet forward micro-blog, such a result as can be imagined. Both the core content value, combined with its long-term accumulation of fans, finally effectively disseminate information.

we all know the three cornerstones of millet marketing: do fans, do explosive products, from the media. So a lot of companies to imitate the success of millet Road, and then how many people copied its success, these companies seem to ignore a problem, why millet start

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