Gambling exposure the odds ball website profit model is lower than the sum of 4 can

[Abstract] if the odds of 2.20 A team, B team odds of $2.10, the odds of the sum of the two teams is 4.3, if the amount of bets for the two teams of $1 million. If the A team wins, the site needs to pay 2 million 200 thousand, the site deficit of $200 thousand. If the B team wins, the site needs to pay 2 million 100 thousand, loss of $100 thousand.

like a raging fire of the world cup in Brazil brought joy to some people, but also to some people brought pain and jail, soccer gambling Tianmou et al who is clearly the latter, and Huang did not even wait for the world cup, because of misappropriation 4 million engineering companies, soccer gambling and was thrown into prison. The Ministry of public security recently cracked command large online gambling case, the server is located in the Philippines gambling website H, by adjusting the odds, lure disk and other means, the development of agency personnel within the organization of soccer gambling in China, involving up to hundreds of millions of dollars. While the number of domestic soccer gambling, but lost dier.

soccer gambling life: one year deposit lose (Gede Tianmou Liaoning Anyuan people aged 36 lost about twenty thousand yuan) of

fortunately, the police arrested me, July 7th, questioned by police in Lianyungang, 36 year old Liaoning Anyuan Tianmou say that only the World Cup group phase, because he had lost the soccer gambling hard saved one year deposit.

Tian An insurance company in the local work, the monthly salary is about 3000 yuan, his wife did not work, he has a child of 6 years old. Before a friend let him bet gambling, but the bet is not, basically 200 yuan, $300. A year ago, Tianmou start saving money, in preparation for the world cup gamble. Finally saved more than twenty thousand yuan of money, the first two months before the world cup, Tianmou began to search a variety of online gambling channels. H site of an ad attracted him, said that twenty thousand yuan registered members, you can return to water".

Tianmou login H website, with the registered members of gambling money she saved, but he soon found that light registered members can not get back to the water, but also need to pull other people gamble, the water reached 100 thousand yuan a month to get back to the water. Tianmou gave up the idea of taking back water, concentrate on gambling. Tianmou compared to the H site and other gambling sites, he said the odds of H website opened higher.

Tianmou said he likes to bet big balls, the first World Cup in Brazil against Croatia, he scored a big ball of $500, won 400 yuan. Tianmou very happy, then another down nearly 20 games, but the end result is almost lost all the money in the account. Tianmou said, if not the police arrested him, may lose more.

case 2 misappropriation of the company’s 4 million gambling (Hwang Lianyungang people before and after the age of about 5000000 lost)


38 year old Hwang is Lianyungang. He didn’t even wait for the world cup to start walking into the wall.

by the end of 2011, a chance, Hwang in the online search to the H site, he was above

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