On the five modes of operation of network promotion forum

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in front of many network promotion mode, are very simple area, today we focus on the network operation promotion forum. We all know that the forum is the most easily gathered popularity, but also attracted the often are related, I wrote a "do the five basic elements of" Internet promotion before the article, describes the key elements of network promotion industry positioning, audience and so on. From this we can see that the promotion of the forum in the promotion of the network has a pivotal role, but also the most likely to trigger a hot storm place!

1: advertising

we all know, love BBS people, often for their own login forum there is a sense of dependence, but because of this dependence, he is concerned about this area, like the forum, every corner will often stop the forum, so in this forum, our ads are aimed at the forum, most of them are not really generate static, if we put on the top or bottom of the station, or non JavaScript such posts with links similar advertising, such advertising not only plays the role of advertising, but also give us the promotion of the site has some weight, so that not only a very high correlation and play the role of point


two: paste

do SEO optimization, or promotion, we all know such a say: high quality links and link spam! After all, high quality links is nothing but is not a single IP request refresh, very frequent page to do reverse link link. Simply put, that page is very much concerned about the people. Since the concern is very much, then this page is used to play is very large, the effect of product publicity do not have to say. Just add a few external connections, bring us extraordinary results. A forum for the highest concern, in addition to home is zhidingtie global, how to post, which requires you to use your head.

three: Signature ad

For those who love the

network promotion personnel BBS is more effective, we know that the best way to allow customers to deal with you, and he is become friends, if your customers and you have the same hobby — irrigation, then become your customers is only the time question, we in the water at the same time, each post or reply to a post, the signature of which will have our ads, as can be imagined if we return the essence or zhidingtie floor or floor two, when visiting the forum, we can see a building in the sale of advertising, which reflects the importance of this position.

four: soft Wen

in the forum released soft to write a wonderful, so attractive, whether it is to have a unique style in the title or in content, if your title or content to let users see advertising, that such soft Wen is a failure, fix will be deleted, and the forum inside the row in front of the post.

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