An example of the nternet content is king is to maximize the interests is the objective basis

alone or a temporary compromise, choose a different purpose but the same — but in order to develop. The situation of Internet industry have stand by those seeking temporary website is not stand aloof, one is because the foundation is thick enough, two is because the development of independent planning more suitable for their own development.

but any topic can put all the mouth create a feeling, this is because metaphor personification more easily accepted, but the parable speaks more of this "emotion" is exaggerated the value of the Internet is not so much "the world is dirty, but I clear" situation which stand more suitable for travel.

"own" Beauty Group: group purchase business + independent listed

solid foundation

recently listed quite tight, is not optimistic about the listing is quite much, probably because the listed mixed loonier capital and interest. HUAWEI’s Ren Zhengfei and Tao Huabi’s consistent attitude to the old godmother listed: determined not listed, Ren Zhengfei said the shareholders do not have the company’s shareholders than people, greed, hope every drop of profit as soon as possible to drain the company; Tao Huabi said the listing is deceiving people’s money, money and shares, put the money away if I have to accompany you clean up the backyard.

Ren Zhengfei and Tao Huabi not listed on attracted everyone applauded, because they focused on the "focus on the user’s interests", but whether the listed business concepts — just different Qiuwen or fast, and with the "fast" and always have the risk, so choose a family to earn money not firmly what is wrong choose, dashing into the international market the same. This is like the way: one is smooth and spacious road, a winding trail, the steady pace, the latter may successfully "cut", or because of the way it was sinister out chikura holes.

United States has been recognized as a wolf, the performance is to buy the industry leader, is going to go on the market so people do not accept any BAT investment, CEO Wang Xing said: in the future will indeed IPO……" No financial pressure in the short term, so I do not want to be acquired, no financial pressure and there is no lack of user traffic, of course not casually in the United States who alone can be said to be the manifestation of internal solid business, always adhere to the street, to visit those businesses, whether technology or free but exclusive recruit businesses the strategy to business services can be said to do the work, taking once widely covers up, allowing users to think about idle away in seeking pleasure and beauty group, and can give the user a refund of the customer service guarantee, users will drive up, have a family, the business of Chengcheng only increase reduction.

beauty so lonely road, because of a thick foundation, efforts are two consistent with the wolf aggressive temperament is difficult to BAT mutually satisfactory cooperation mode, rather than independent listed, carried on the road.

"own" stand business + bad stand environment


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