Secret WeChat marketing third party service scam

WeChat, an uproar in the industry. WeChat marketing also turned out the intention of sweeping the world, propaganda have potential equal to anything. At the same time, a batch of WeChat marketing fire be trying to take advantage of the first for a fool who is not in the minority. Some bragging and extremely arrogant dare to promote their own Chinese marketing NO.1 is WeChat, called marvel. Also some under the banner of "UN Global Alliance of SMEs only designated WeChat global service provider" of the head, Dun Shiliang blind your eyes, it is glittering tall.

all of the above can be classified as Jiminggoudao generation, you can not believe. WeChat marketing is no wrong, wrong is some ill intentioned people want to borrow chicken to lay reckless with greed pocketed. Before the water sediment wrote an article "WeChat marketing training" hoax articles, specifically expose and criticize all kinds of shady WeChat marketing training in the current, will resonate with no small repercussions. Today, sand water would like to talk about another topic related to WeChat Marketing – how to identify the third party service provider WeChat marketing


sand water feel, along with WeChat marketing training scam another twin brother is WeChat marketing program services. In a nutshell, is on the market, especially small advertising QQ group propaganda to help you build micro mall, WeChat micro public platform website and website based on WEB, and realize the full open platform for you to catch the wave of mobile Internet, to achieve a new leap forward and so on. Good description is a series of short let you eyebrows until ready to, let you look at. In fact, these are false illusion.

of course, everything can’t be killed. You say that WeChat marketing service providers to achieve membership management, WeChat marketing there is no help? Sand water think of course! And truly customized a set of good WeChat marketing solutions, WeChat has developed a number of public demand, WeChat marketing management based on the background, it can improve the efficiency and effect of membership management, WeChat marketing. However, the current market can make WeChat marketing solutions and WeChat has no public product development ability good provider is not much, mostly cry up wine and sell vinegar type. Specifically, under the guise of the name of WeChat marketing services, can also give you the development of WeChat marketing management background, but in fact do not match your needs, can help you solve what problem, what is more developed operating experience is very poor, useless. And so on, can be classified as a liar to collect money, mainly to solve the problem for the mind unceasingly.

so, the marketing environment of WeChat in the dragons and fishes jumbled together, the screening guidelines of sand and water today to say, is to teach you how to choose the WeChat platform team, how to reduce the possibility of being cheated, hoping to help. The following are a few commonly used and reliable evaluation index:

1, look at the office environment. For the WeChat platform for the development team, the general will have their own sales staff, as much as possible

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