Boutique fashion consumer portal shock SNS

filed a "shopping guide" (referred to as the "fine"), will think of this in 1993, "the newspaper idle away in seeking pleasure" as the main, but at the end of the year, topped the ancient capital of fashion – "Minyan drink red wine, eat crabs, to see the" fine "yansha."

in recent years, "boutique" has not stopped the pace of progress, as a fashion Beijing people’s consumption reference and life consultant". "Boutique" in the Internet sector has also set up its own fashion consumer portal Beijing boutique". Today, the boutique has been influential domestic fashion consumer information portal.

relying on the "fine" series of fashion media resources, high-quality network not only in portal construction effort, but also actively attract users attention, enhance the cohesion and interaction of the website through an interactive platform in the form of. In the interactive platform for program selection, network quality through careful and meticulous consideration, finally decided to follow the old blog mode, and the use of Comsenz (Comsenz)’s UCenter Home to build SNS interactive community.


boutique network will be the new SNS channel named "my world", highlighting the features of SNS, with young people self-expression, interactive entertainment, in "my world", users can use a word to record life bit by bit, you can quickly and easily publish logs, you can upload pictures, and friends to share information and discuss topics of interest, but also quick and easy to understand the latest developments friends, and friends together to play small interesting applications.

after the actual trial, the reporter found that "my world group function" in the set is very reasonable, the more than and 200 groups be arranged to attract users into different groups, different hobbies in discussion, fully demonstrated the characteristics of SNS vertical segments. While relying on their own advantages boutique network, give full play to the celebrity effect, in addition to the current highest popularity of the SNS community, a well-known hostess, boutique network is also invited to host a TV anchor settled in the SNS community. Combined with their own advantages to develop SNS, is a major feature of the boutique network operators.


to encourage user interaction, in addition to open roaming (Manyou) open platform, the introduction of third party application a lot of interesting friends such as sale, grab spaces, happy farm, boutique network also added to develop their own "online hair design" application, users only need to upload your own photos, you can preview your overall effect in different styles, the design is very easy, novel and practical. As of press time ago, the number of registered members of my world "has been close to twenty thousand people, attracted a large number of fashion trendsetter, beauty Master, shopping maniac’s attention, the user viscosity is very high, the number of Feed dynamic generated every day is estimated to have about five hundred or six hundred, can be said to fine abiki >

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