Bo WeChat marketing platform to share what are the benefits of doing WeChat marketing

today, WeChat marketing can be described as well known words. WeChat who understand, WeChat marketing who have heard. But what is WeChat marketing WeChat marketing how to do in the end what are the benefits of WeChat marketing, relative to the traditional marketing WeChat marketing what are the advantages of these problems is not the average person can answer the. What are the benefits of WeChat marketing?


1, the number of potential customers: micro credit for 2 years to reach 600 million users, the number is behind the huge huge market, while WeChat is also looking for many businesses and enterprises of the potential client platform, currently the number of users of WeChat is constantly increasing, gradually, WeChat users will be more and more growth, a large number of such potential customers, which companies or marketing personnel not echocardiography?

2, low marketing costs: traditional marketing, promotion costs are high, WeChat platform through the user base, marketing costs are relatively low. It is only the development of advanced features need to spend a little money, the current market WeChat marketing package is cheaper.

3, marketing positioning precision: WeChat public account can be classified according to different types of fans, users push the corresponding information or products, that is to say the fans are grouped, when push information, according to the requirements and characteristics of push users to different content.

4, marketing diversification: the traditional marketing model is relatively simple, WeChat marketing is more diverse, ordinary public accounts, you can send text, pictures. The certified public account has a higher push permissions, can push more graphic information, so it will narrow the distance with the customer, the article content can attract more attention.

5, marketing humanity: WeChat push the public number information, can be divided into active push information can also put the right to give users a choice, for example, users can choose their own things or something of interest according to the key words. Do not blindly forcing users to pay attention to some of your information.

6, the high rate of marketing information: when you publish a micro-blog on micro-blog, you are not sure whether your fans will see your content, to understand the information you express. But WeChat is different, you push every piece of information can be accurate to the hands of your fans, the spread rate is higher than micro-blog.


WeChat as an essential application for each mobile phone, so that everyone has become an individual information received. However, WeChat marketing approach is to put these individuals into their own fans, with strong viscosity stick fans, so as to realize the conversion rate. WeChat marketing skills are not many, nothing more than trying to increase the number of fans and retain fans. As for how to increase WeChat fans, WeChat how to mention

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