Stationmaster net broadcast brush single gray industry to P2P platform xinliyuan run away

1 brush single gray industry full disclosure: check is not dead brush is not only to die  

This year Tmall

double eleven 91 billion 200 million people on the same day in HUAWEI, visible before the eyes, millet, Meizu other fellow accused the other of brush single farce, this year eleven is also seen as the worst year of single brush. In fact, Tmall, Jingdong around Taobao brush has formed a huge gray industrial chain, by a single brush has a title of "occupation hand brush".

brush brings false transactions also attracted the attention of the country. At present, the Ministry of commerce is promoting the "commodity circulation law" legislation, in the future, the shop brush behavior may constitute an offense, and face penalties. Single brush phenomenon on the one hand to the data on the water, on the other hand to reduce the consumer’s trust in the electricity supplier industry, and ultimately will bring a sense of distrust throughout the industry.

2 spoiler Hainan tourism, the next push tuniu city with  


on the 23 day, the way cattle in the trend of the capital level of the dust settles, and Ctrip, the same way and also have the results — is not Ctrip eaten, nor the city merger, but had received a $500 million investment in Hainan tourism. After the investment is completed, HNA tourism will become the largest shareholder holding way cattle, cattle and about 24.1% shares. Please call us # manatee brother #

so, why choose the traditional way cattle investment as the most important, the major industry in recent years the HNA tourism, what are the investment action, "manatee brothers" the future can be


Hainan tourism major industry,

HNA Group to air transport industry as the main body, covering air transport industry, tourism services, logistics, hotel management, financial services, real estate, aviation food, there are a number of subsidiary company, HNA tourism group is one of them. HNA tourism covers aviation, hotel and tourism, consumer finance, Internet and other multi business, according to the official website of HNA Group, more than a dozen companies HNA tourism group.

3, YAHOO is also the Internet Co MVP 

Castle Peak is still in, a few red sunset.

the Silicon Valley giant buildings, but some of them seem to have The sun sinks in the west. company. YAHOO is one of them – the Internet benchmark. The "connection" magazine published an article on the front, the back that the old MVP prosperity and decline.

YAHOO initially worried investors is that once the company will be stripped of the shares from the Alibaba after what will happen, or YAHOO may not be successful in the end. But at the same time, investors may be most worried about the problem of long-term development. In the minds of consumers, YAHOO’s positioning is very vague – what is the company exactly, YAHOO is doing?

4 High German map sent a traffic report, the most blocking is not Beijing?  


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