The application of Keep mobile fitness was announced strategic investment Tencent C users exceeded

August 16th news, mobile fitness applications Keep announced that it has obtained C+ round of strategic investment from Tencent, the specific amount of financing has not been disclosed, the current round of financing from the last round of C disclosure time is only 1 months apart.


Keep founder and CEO Wang Ning said, Keep since February 2015 on the line, the current amount of users has exceeded 50 million monthly live users nearly 20 million. The main purpose of Keep financing is deep content and brand, to enhance the user experience of grinding product.

Keep is a focus on fitness mobile fitness tool App, but also has a certain social attributes, users can communicate with each other to discuss. At the beginning of the line, Keep has only 7 training programs and 16 single training, and now has 20 training programs and training of the 76 single. On the basis of the original curriculum, Keep launched a stretch, rehabilitation training and yoga, massage and other categories, while increasing the Zou Shiming boxing, fighting rope skipping and athletes such as the characteristics of the curriculum, such as Qiu Bo, and so on, and so on.

In addition to the

video fitness courses, Keep also launched a 3 version of the running features and electricity supplier forum, the user can use Keep for outdoor running, you can also buy the equipment needed to exercise in Keep. In this process, Keep is also transformed from the initial fitness tools to the sports platform.

Tencent investment acquisitions executive director Xia Yao said: "the sports fitness is market consumption has great potential in the industry, Keep from the fitness content service cut the young fitness crowd, has formed the user scale and reputation leading from the future, extend to a variety of fitness and healthy lifestyle, has the very strong service and brand imagination."

"let people who do not know the fitness method can get effective guidance, so that those who think boring fitness fun, break the limit of time and space, lower the threshold of motion, which is what Keep is doing." Wang Ning said, Keep is not just a fitness tool, we want to make it into a sports brand, a young people like the way of life".

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