Section 2 the nternet made a routine money bag is really dark spotted

7 years later, a pair of hands to create a double shopping Carnival Alibaba created the Taobao". With the double 11 main "marketing", "hoarding" is different, the creation section of the routine run deeper than that.

 Section 2: Internet

made a little dark spotted routine money bag is really

front line: to cater to young people buying habits

2009, Tmall’s business is a new business in the Alibaba family, see the United States’ black Friday ‘, but also want to do their own’ black Friday’." Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong recalled the original 11 shopping spree when the origin of the time, once such a statement.

The birth of the Taobao

Festival did not replicate any pattern, but with the growing number of young users on Taobao.

July 22, 2016 -24, Taobao rented thirty thousand square meters in Shanghai Expo pavilion, Taobao will be the most creative and interesting on the shop together, creating the Taobao festival". Alibaba CMO Dong Benhong talking about the origin of the creation of the festival, said, with the increasing proportion of young users on Taobao, we have been trying to create a holiday for these creative young people."

Ali data statistics, Taobao is currently under the age of 35 accounted for 80% of users, the users under the age of 24 accounted for 35%. Based on the younger crowd market, Taobao needs to make changes to meet the needs of these users.

According to the United Chinese youth groups and cultural research institutions "volunteers" released "white paper" China youth creative display, after 85 to 90 after a generation of young people is Chinese rise in the tide of individual There was no parallel in history. surfers. In the process of individuation, every young man is faced with three propositions. First, the acquisition of a sense of security: how to deal with and control the complex and ever-changing daily life, in a rapidly changing society to obtain a basic sense of security. Second, the discovery of individual meaning: how to explore and discover, define the meaning of life and the standard of daily decision. Third, the connection between the individual and the society: how to establish the relationship between the individual and the society, expand the social attribute of the individual, and obtain the sense of belonging.

Zhang Qin, vice president of Taobao in

seems, younger consumer groups, will pay more attention to the original and personalized goods. After 90 more emphasis on self and personality, more like the pursuit of their own style can represent the original goods, they want to participate in the process of consumption, or their own ‘create’. Therefore the future of Taobao is not just a simple shopping place, but a community is, users achieve their whimsical and wonderful creative place."

three day creation Festival, from the hand of bamboo bike racing, from Diablo series Macarons to warm the cake room, from the Imperial Palace to the "emperor Taobao playfully" the cat, the UAV to use power flow way Chinese wind lost secret fan can be assembled from the tailor shop "

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