Haier 2 billion 200 million yuan investment in the development of logistics and distribution system

Sina Technology News December 9th morning news, Alibaba group and Haier group announced today reached a strategic cooperation. Alibaba group Haier Group subsidiary of Haier electric appliances amounted to 2 billion 822 million yuan (HK $2 billion 213 million) investment. The two sides will work together to build a large number of household electrical appliances and logistics distribution, installation services, such as the system and standards, the system will be open to the whole society.

after this strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly established by the newly established logistics joint venture company, the establishment of end to end large logistics service standards. And on this basis, the two sides jointly develop and provide innovative supply chain management solutions and products. At the same time, day after day logistics and service network will provide customers with high quality goods and bulky goods logistics, distribution and installation services for Tmall businesses and consumers.

in this strategic cooperation, Alibaba group of Haier Group subsidiary Haier Electric Group Co., Ltd. invested a total of HK $2 billion 822 million.

The Alibaba

group of Haier’s goodaymart logistics to invest 1 billion 857 million Hong Kong dollars, the establishment of the joint venture company, including: 1) to subscribe for 9.9% stake goodaymart logistics, the amount is HK $541 million; 2) for Haier electric issued amount of HK $1 billion 316 million of convertible bonds, the convertible bonds can be converted into the future goodaymart logistics 24.1% stake.

in addition, Alibaba group to subscribe for new shares to invest 965 million yuan Hong Kong dollars in Haier electric appliances, Haier shares after the acquisition of investment in electric appliances.

Haier Electric’s daily logistics in the country has 9 shipping base, 90 logistics distribution centers, storage area of more than 2 million square meters. At the same time has established more than 7 thousand and 600 county-level stores, about 26000 Township stores, the village level Liaison Station 190 thousand. And more than 2 thousand and 800 counties in the country to establish a logistics and distribution stations and service providers in.

Alibaba group has been committed to creating a benign social business ecology. Among them, the Alibaba group’s B2C platform Tmall has 70 thousand brands stationed in 2012 turnover exceeded RMB 200 billion yuan. 2013 Tmall 11 shopping carnival, a single day to gather a total of 400 million consumers involved in the transaction amount exceeded RMB 35 billion yuan. The same day, Tmall’s electricity trading volume grew by more than 350% on the same day last year, while the volume of large commodities, including furniture, including the same day last year, an increase of up to 150%.


Haier group chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Zhang Ruimin said that the cooperation with Alibaba, Haier can better learn to Ali, the purpose of the cooperation is not only to do much, but to better meet the user’s experience.

Chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

, said Ma, Haier special thanks to the trust of the Alibaba, but also appreciate the embrace of change Haier special

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