How to avoid grassroots marketing difference

has a friend in my blog message: I do not know how to enlarge their selling points, ah". Other friends also said: enlarge their selling point too vague, I do not know how to do".

This is not the

disk resources, positioning is not clear. Any marketing you have to understand where their weaknesses, and then from their own weaknesses to find their own strengths, from which to find the point of contact with the market docking. Because of "differentiated marketing" is the premise of admit insufficient, see limited advantage, their weakness and concessions, and people do not conflict, long struggle for a while. According to their own advantages of market segments, to find their own market space, give full play to their advantages, do a good job in which a small target market, make their own characteristics, and even the establishment of brand.

any of the ages to come to dominate the political arena of the big brands, "it is impossible to control the market, I had to borrow Zhao Yi poetry summary said:" Li Bai the million word of mouth, so far not fresh, even the "glorious" Shixian "Li Bai," the poet Du Fu ‘poems are unable to meet all the people in the poetry of all demand". Therefore, as long as we work hard, we must find a place to live in our own "step back, the key lies in" as boundless as the sea and sky, accurate positioning of self-knowledge "and" retreat "strategy.

So, avoid

initiative weakness "differentiated marketing strategy can not be a ah, as long as the positioning accuracy, the correct understanding of yourself, stick to it, to keep pace with the times, such" differentiated marketing "promising


is the most successful example is the year gross members, their strength is not enough to clearly see the enemy (competitors) for the big city, refused to enter the Changsha implementation of the central command, will own, the remnants of the Autumn Harvest Uprising with the enemy to attend the "Jinggangshan plan", the final Mao members was removed from the alternate member of the Central Committee, "the committee will simply more in name than in reality" Mao "Zhu Mao army made China red armed with a gilded signboard.

differentiated marketing in the network industry more successful example of large Tencent, such as Baidu, Dangdang, starry; successful person is more, ZAC, and uncle, there is even a single shop selling black socks live fast, this is the "differentiated marketing" strategy of power market segmentation where.


face the ocean of advertising, find the difference between the marketing selling point is not easy

or borrow around grassroots example "differentiated marketing", a friend of G family, in the city rented a room to advertise, pull customers may have few, barely think of me, SEO.

is not to say that you can not play advertising, not to say you can do SEO; but if you do not have a unique marketing and marketing strategy of "selling point", as you no awareness of what a grass, you don’t have a strong team of teachers, there is no industry.

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