Electricity supplier selling shirt intended high margin to be involved in the upstream industry chai

days ago, dangdang.com announced inroads into the field of fashion design and marketing, and shouted "in the clothing market in 600 billion with 60 billion yuan" slogan. This is a cross-border electricity supplier moves, previously, Tmall, Jingdong and Amazon and other mainstream electricity providers are beginning to cross-border operations, clothing and other categories based on the breakdown have begun to enter the field of fashion electricity supplier.

this year, the upcoming "nouveau riche" Alibaba holding a large amount of money, to draw clothing design team and brand manufacturers; Jingdong also found the Tencent’s "Godfather" was a huge traffic entrance, the rapid growth of sales of clothing.

last month, the Jingdong announced a massive mall into clothing, apparel category is expected this year, sales rose more than 100%; at the same time, the new appearance of the new president Ge Daoyuan China Amazon announced a few related to expand the category of the Amazon Chinese new plan, including the clothing category.

Dangdang, for example, its apparel category sales from 560 million yuan in 2012, an increase of $2 billion 700 million in 2013, becoming the category of books outside the top second.

Analysys analyst Wang Xiaoxing believes that the Jingdong mall has been hit 3C category, sales accounted for about 60%, but the 3C category price is more transparent, low margin, Jingdong mall losses have a certain relationship with the over reliance on the 3C category, Jingdong mall expansion apparel category is an inevitable trend. In addition, clothing as the second largest electricity supplier sales category, variety of goods, seasonal clothing itself but also makes clothing consumption frequency higher than the 3C category, these factors lead to the clothing into a a hotly contested spot.

electricity supplier from the second quarter results can be seen in the electricity supplier in the highest gross profit margin is cosmetics, followed by clothing, books, and finally, 3C. United States, vip.com, Dangdang, Jingdong gross margin were 46%, 25%, 18%, respectively, the basic reflection of the difference between the respective categories.

, however, Taobao and Tmall currently occupy most of the clothing market share. The industry is expected that the current electricity supplier penetration of the apparel industry will not meet the sales channels, began to get involved in the design and brand industry chain upstream. In particular, the fake online shopping clothing, the major electricity supplier to push their own brands increasingly strong impulse.

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