Nandu weekly SNS website profit eighteen Wu Yi broke through the rivers and lakes

there is no doubt that SNS is now the world’s brightest Internet star, was established in May last year, happy network, less than half a year on the user to expand from zero to ten million level. In the portal era a few years ago, it would take at least three or four years.

happy net foreign master FaceBook, its founder and CEO Mark. Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced earlier this year, FaceBook new users in the United States 1 million in the world this figure is about $5 million. Internet Co is the largest user of resources, with the user, it is equal to the occupation of the future market revenue highlands.

and Microsoft in 2007 to $240 million to buy Facebook1.6% shares, which is worth $15 billion, a sum equivalent to almost two of global top 500 enterprises and Xerox karpov. Even Facebook’s Chinese apprentice has attracted the attention of many investors. Last year, Qianxiang interactive campus network belongs to get Softbank investment of $450 million, another domestic SNS website, also got $51 million in favor of Shi Yuzhu.


is a network star, but many SNS sites do not have a profit, why Microsoft, Softbank, giants such as throwing money is not distressed? In their view, these members and traffic has a huge and growing SNS website, the future is only a "golden eggs" chicken, now to do is prepare adequate feed, carefully cultivated.

implant ad

IT Longmen founder Liu Xingliang in the current SNS website is divided into three categories: "people who play" FaceBook "global" mode, MySpace mode, and "person to person" Twitter model.

is now the hot happy net is a typical "play" mode, while its main income is advertising. In addition to home brand advertising, happy net Product placement everywhere all kinds of models: Parking dispute when advertising, Vanke garden, house decoration Lenovo, friends for sale have pizza hut……. Do you like this in all kinds of advertising play into your eyes.

happy net deputy general manager Liu Qian told reporters that as early as the set "parking dispute" and "buy a house", these two components, they decided to join in the real elements — the real models of the real estate, "that is to connect with advertisers more convenient."

products as props appear in the game, a good effect is that users do not have to look at the hard ads that disgust." IResearch analyst Ding Li believes that through the game show, the user can generate a clear understanding of the advertising and brand advertising models, for example, you buy this car, so every time you play will see it, your parking lot of friends can see it.

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