Double 11 Tmall transaction amount of 38 minutes to break the mobile terminal accounted for 45% of t

[Abstract] as in previous years, this year the network still appear congestion, and first price and then the price of the issue still exists.

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on November 11th

November 11, 2014 0 points, with the new day’s bell sounded, Ali led the second "double eleven" electricity supplier shopping evening officially opened the curtain of the year sixth.

According to Ali

released data: 3 minutes to start, Tmall total turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan; 8 minutes to reach 3 billion yuan; 14 minutes and 2 seconds, over 5 billion yuan! 38 minutes 28 seconds 10 billion yuan! The mobile terminal 75 seconds were broken million, in Tmall turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, accounting for wireless 45.5% (last year in about 20%), in the double eleven Shopping Festival to the peak, the mobile end accounted for up to 70%, becoming a force of


although it is early in the morning, but Ali headquarters in Hangzhou – Yuhang West extension of the Alibaba of Xixi park is still brightly lit, at least thousands of Ali employees and more than 460 media from home and abroad gathered here, eyes staring at the big screen, a side card 2014 "double eleven" transactions to refresh recording time. You know, last year "double eleven" in 38 minutes 5 billion, 10 billion yuan transactions for nearly 6 hours, which means that this year, 20 minutes to complete the 1 hours last year turnover; 38 minutes to complete the transaction volume of nearly 6 hours last year.

this year after the listing of Ali’s first double eleven, Ali invested a huge human. It is understood that the double eleven Ali total investment of 11000 employees, customer service personnel to reach nearly one million couriers reached 1 million 250 thousand. Obviously, in the first stage of the performance projections, this year "double eleven" Ali can submit a satisfactory answer to investors. 6 years ago, when the first step towards Ali to create "double eleven Shopping Festival, many people still think it is a small size made; 6 years later, the electric power has show that anyone should not be overlooked.

deadline today at 1:25 in the morning, Ali’s price rise, the highest intraday $117.42, or more than 2.4%, the highest price is listed here.

Ali double eleven trading warm atmosphere to the scene not only infected with the witness, but also gradually spread to the outside, and even thousands of miles away.

Ali on the 2014 "double eleven" started on the occasion, micro-blog, circle of friends, QQ space and other social networking platforms, focusing on "various scripts double eleven" is widely spread.

the day before yesterday is November 9th, that is, 119; yesterday was November 10th, that is, 110; today is the year of November 11th, that is, double the eleven shopping festival. Even it is, fire prevention, anti-theft and anti black sheep! "," worship MA (micro-blog) "to the performance of a similar piece spread in different groups.

in addition to Ali called media see >

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