Hundred round pants industry to explore cross border electricity supplier 90 million voted through e

news May 4th, one hundred round pants industry announced that the company invested 90 million yuan capital increase by way of investment in the cross-border electricity supplier sellers – Shenzhen hypertech Co. Ltd., the company will hold 9% stake in Qualcomm techmopo.

according to the announcement, the basis for pricing the investment calculation using the income method, through the extension of science and technology in 2015 is expected to net profit of 100 million yuan, the parties participating in the investment according to the cross-border electricity industry characteristics, combined with the actual situation of the target company, the extension of science and technology investment on earnings of 10 times, through the extension of overall the valuation of technology is 1 billion yuan. According to the valuation, a hundred round pants industry holds the proportion of shares through the extension of science and technology is about 9%, so the investment amount of $90 million.

it is reported that Qualcomm techmopo existing shareholders to the hundred round pants industry and another investor Zhuhai anhorn Internet acquisitions fund commitments, net profit through extension technology and related related enterprises in 2015 not less than 100 million yuan, net profit through extension technology in 2016 not less than 200 million yuan; Qualcomm techmopo and its related enterprises 2015 the annual operating income of not less than 1 billion 500 million yuan.

billion state power network learned through the extension technology at this stage is a "Pan Pan Based on supply chain, channel" mode of operation of cross-border electricity company, committed to high-quality products through the supply chain China, Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, Dunhuang network, Wish, TomTop’s own website and other channels are sold to all over the world. Its main products include game accessories, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, home, health and beauty, auto parts, photographic equipment, video and audio, clothing, toys, outdoor and other dozens of categories.


, one hundred round pants industry said that the company of Qualcomm techmopo investment is a strategic arrangement in order to extend the company layout integrity in the field of cross-border electricity supplier and enhance the long-term competitiveness of the company to do, will help the company continue to long-term development, enhance the company’s own ability to resist risks.

fact, since last year, one hundred round pants industry will continue to invest in cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the field of electricity supplier business. In July 2014 the Hao investment 1 billion yuan acquisition of universal Tesco, and in February this year to Shenzhen Qianhai, extension investment of 12 million 240 thousand yuan Xun network technology limited company won 7.5% of the shares, now again generous cross-border investment big sellers, demonstrated its determination to enter the cross-border electricity supplier.

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