Wang Peiya where are you in the big retail ecosystem


if you ask what is the concept of the Internet is the hottest, everyone will answer, e-commerce, especially since 2010, the traditional enterprise collective OCS, independent BTC sales record highs, e-commerce has become the biggest hot Internet circle, showing a state of contention of a hundred schools of thought All flowers bloom together. If you ask, what is the nature of e-commerce? The answer will be all kinds of people, everyone will have their own unique point of view, in my opinion, the essence of the mainstream with commodity sales as the core of e-commerce retail. E-commerce is achieved by means of electronic sales, three points of electronic, seven points of Commerce, the essence is still retail. The traditional sales channels to department stores, supermarkets and other retail formats, coupled with the Internet, the media is a new sales channel sales platform, to form a new retail ecosystem, not only contains the line, but also contains the line, I will be defined as large retail ecosystem.

It is composed of numerous roles in the

retail ecosystem, each character has perplexing relations, now I’m in a relatively simple way to retail sale outlined in the ecosystem role, build the big retail ecosystem model, each character is every point in the ecosystem, each point series becomes an ecological chain, the ecological chain combination, it becomes a complete ecosystem, and each of us, everyone can find their own position in the ecosystem, and each of us, each company has its own ecosystem. Find their own role, draw their own ecological chain, may give you a hint of life inspiration, perhaps a little inspiration for your business model.

I sometimes think boring, what is the nature of this society, a person from birth to growth and experience what his life experience is composed of what. After boring blind to get a trace of sentiment. At present, the society is a commodity as the core of the world, composed of countless people, countless people constitute the countless companies or groups, these companies or groups can be divided into two basic types, the first type is the company or group is the production of a person required by the basic necessities of life and other products. Another type is a company or a group of services for the production of products of the company. Suddenly a thought, the world is so simple.

whether you are at home, on the road, or the company, with the eyes, everything is not greeted with the attributes of goods? Home furniture, TV, home appliances, the house itself, when walking the road cars, billboards, cement, flowers and trees, red lights, next to the edifice in the office, office equipment, elevator and so on. You will recall that you contact each person is engaged in various types of commodity production, management, sales, or service for the company, and the state and the government should be the best service, the management of state and city, serving the people.

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