Maternal electricity supplier B2B Tangbei network invited to participate in the nternet plus meetin

March 24, 2016, organized by the Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission of Shandong province "Internet plus" meeting the innovation and development of high-level docking held in Ji’nan. Meeting around the country’s "Internet plus", analysis of the "Internet plus" trends in 2016, and invited the provincial key enterprises to speak, to explore the field of "Internet plus" and healthy life, industry, city and rural electricity supplier development, energy development, encourage the development of "Internet plus" industry. As the first child Chinese B2B business platform, Tangbei network invited to participate in the meeting.


Localization of

Tangbei network for the first Chinese maternal B2B business platform, the core model is the maternal and child products supply chain demand chain management B2B+ O2O business platform, line oriented maternal stores to provide technical services online ordering of +O2O business, integrated brand manufacturers, agents, maternal stores, consumers and other resources. On the one hand, through electronic business platform – Tangbei network (, to help suppliers to achieve maternal and child products online distribution, to help solve the problem about procurement procurement, to achieve online selection of purchasing one-stop solution; on the other hand, maternal stores settled in Tangbei net, get exclusive hand machine micro mall and computer terminal portal. Through the operation, maternal stores can maximize access to the Internet users, online retail or to attract customers to the store consumption, transformation for O2O products and services business electricity suppliers, the traditional retail upgrade for online and offline retail without borders.

"Internet plus" just verbally familiar for many local traditional maternal stores, and can not grasp how to combine Internet plus ", not to mention the operation. However, all industries are in transition, consumers have more choices… The emergence of Tang Bei network, just to solve the pain points. Tangbei net line oriented maternal stores to provide online ordering service, help to solve problems such as procurement, selection of stores. Maternal stores choose Tangbei network, choose the first specifically for maternal and child products online wholesale platform, choose Xpress on major channels in the mall, and enjoy it.

electricity supplier incoming tide, maternal industry breakthrough, is the Internet plus child. Concept based, effective method is fundamental. Tangbei network, B2B+O2O, innovation model Internet plus infant has achieved good results, in the market on December 10, 2015 on the line, as of now there are more than 3 thousand maternal stores settled, the monthly sales of over ten million, the average monthly growth rate of more than 200%. Tang Bei network in 2016, is expected to impact 2 billion, becoming the Internet B2B maternal and child industry leader.

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