Positive list from the beginning of this year to wash off the sea Amoy tax era

, according to Xinhua news agency, the Ministry of Finance and other 11 departments 7 officially announced "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", means that everything is ready for new tax cross-border retail electricity supplier imports will be implemented in 8 days. In the future, only the list of goods can be imported in accordance with the new tariff of cross-border electricity supplier imports, the list of goods is still the implementation of general trade tax policy or post tax policy.

products include food and beverage, cosmetics and other

according to the Ministry of finance news, this list is a combination of cross-border trade e-commerce services import pilot case, according to the relevant departments of the views of the unified norms. According to the new tax reform program, in April 8th, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer according to postal items parcel tax levied on goods, but according to the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax. According to regulations, a single transaction limit increased to 2000 yuan, the annual limit of $20000. Within the limits of the import of cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods, the tariff rate is set to 0% temporarily; import value-added tax, excise tax exemption tax exemption, temporarily levied by the statutory tax payable of 70%.


list includes 1142 8 tariff lines, mainly domestic has certain consumer demand, can meet the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities, and objectively to express mail, email or consumer goods, including part of the food and beverage, clothing shoes and hats, household appliances, cosmetics, toys, diapers, children vacuum cup.

insiders pointed out that due to the current cross-border electricity supplier of imported products to related products, the future of these products in the import of what type of regulation would directly affect the efficiency of customs clearance and access, so the "positive list" is particularly important. According to the Ministry of finance, according to the views of the relevant authorities, in the list of goods will be exempted from submitting license to the customs, inspection and quarantine supervision and management in accordance with the provisions of relevant state laws and regulations execution; direct purchase of goods from customs clearance inspection, online shopping bonded goods "line" into the area to check goods customs clearance, "second line" when the check from the customs clearance form.

50 yuan tax policy announced the end of

unveiled a "positive list", and the implementation of the new tax system, means that the initial implementation of imports in the cross-border electricity supplier in China according to the collection of personal items parcel tax low threshold, low tax policy dividends over, especially to cancel the $50 allowance policy, the purchase of 500 yuan that former low maternal and child products health care products, cosmetics, food, and other consumer goods "free era" has ended.

Researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy China

Zhang Bin said, the sea Amoy, purchasing and other cross-border electronic commerce is a kind of trade behavior, continue to trade goods for non tax in accordance with the parcel tax, will lead to unfair competition emerging formats and traditional formats, also can make domestic goods in the unfair competition with foreign goods and have great impact on the domestic economy, foreign investment in China. 2014 cross-border electricity supplier retail imports and China >

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