Analysis on the classification and development of the current shopping website

shopping site in accordance with the business model is divided into several basic types: B2B, C2C, B2C and D2C.

B2B:Business to Business, is a business model for businesses. B2B is the earliest China e-commerce model, this model is the B2B business to wholesale business under the line gradually shifted to the line up, the development of electronic commerce is a typical case of the curtain, Alibaba, hc.

C2C:Customer Customer to, is a customer to the customer a business model, e-commerce C2C is also followed by B2B after the emergence of a business model, a more typical site Taobao, pat network.

B2C:Business to Customer, is a business management mode to the customer, the typical Tmall and VANCL, Amazon, Jingdong mall, Dangdang, shop No. 1, dream Barshay etc..

D2C:Designer to Customer, the designer of the customer’s business model, this model is another new development model, but also the result of market demand continued to thin. At present, this business model has not been independent, the moment has not formed a certain scale, but mixed in the C2C, the emergence of D2C is a manifestation of the need to diversify. These years, the major shopping sites to set up earlier, the establishment of the B2B website of Alibaba, HC, C2C website Taobao, eBay, ah, B2C website Tmall and VANCL, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, dream Barshay etc..

, was founded in May 2003, pat Network was founded in September 2005, Tmall was founded in April 2008, where the customer was founded in October 2007, Jingdong mall was founded in January 2004, 1, set up shop in March 2008, dream Barshay was founded in August 2008, 08 years after the major B2C sites have been set up.

this time the list reflects a trend of the development of electronic commerce, 1999 China the earliest established Alibaba platform, currently still leading the industry, from 1999 to 2003, only for the wholesale business of the B2B platform, there is no platform for small businesses and retail services, from the beginning of 2003 the largest Taobao C2C platform net Chinese online, provides online retail business place for medium and small sellers; with the C2C platform operating depth, this model also exposed some problems, such as the bottleneck model encounter B2C has provided the favorable soil, in order to provide a more credible shopping platform, a specification is the shopping website the phenomenon that the major B2C sites have been set up.

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